?The cause of the stress in college students Essay

The cause of the stress in college studentsNowadays, there are too many different opportunities for people to continue their education all around the world. However, there are still too many different serious pressures in college students. Research shows that more than half of college students aren’t able to finish their education. Stress in college student could be caused by several major reasons such as financial problems, physical problems, and futures worries.

Financial problems are one of the major reasons of stress in college students. Since college and universities are very expensive, many students have to have part time or even full time jobs. It is obvious that having a job and being a good student at same time cause a great deal of stress. Even though there are many different types of loans or scholarships to help students, those loans or scholarships make more stress for students because of their requirements. For example, students must receive grade A on all courses to be eligible for some scholarships which make more stress in students. The next major reason of stress in college students is physical problems.

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Usually, most of the students have a lack of sleep which causes health problems.Especially those who are nocturnal and like to study at nights are more vulnerable to stress. Also, some of the students because of being a part time student and having a part time job have insurance problem and are unable to have medical treatments when they are sick. Sometimes student are really busy, and don’t have any time for cooking, and rather to have junk food. Having too much junk food instead of healthy food by students could be a reason of physical problems and stress in college students, too. The other reason of having physical problem for college student might be the deficit of exercise which mostly have.

In addition, worries about future are another reason of stress in college students. Students are always worried about their choices, their major, and finding jobs.They are worried about finding a job with a good salary. Another worry about future is for those students who have received loans and must start to pay back after getting degree. Moreover, students believe that education is not enough and they would need experience which is prerequisite for some jobs. To sum up, financial causes, physical causes, and worries about future are major reasons of stress in college students. These reasons of stress could be reduced easily.

For example, by having a healthy diet or doing daily exercise the physical problem might be solved, Or by finding a good adviser and conferring the might reduce their stress about future. Students’ live may have too many other challenges for them too. Successful student are those who are diligent and persevere in their studies despite all the difficulties. In fact, those are good epitomes for other students too.


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