1. 5-8% of our body’s weight is of blood.
2. To suck all the blood from an adult, you need 1,120,000 mosquitoes.
3. The first blood bank was opened in 1937, in Chicago.
4. A human contains 4.7 to 5.5 liters of blood.
5. Most often, heart attacks occur on Mondays – 21% of cases and 2nd place takes Friday.
6. To maintain the transparency, cornea have no blood vessel.it get nutrients from aqueous humor and from tear fluid.
7. There are 4 types of blood groups- A, B, AB and O.
8. Each blood group can be Rhesus+ or Rhesus-.
9. O negative is the universal donor and AB is the universal recipient.
10. The blood has several components- RBC, WBC, Platelets, Plasma and many others.
11. Red blood cells transport oxygen to all the part of the body.
12. White Blood Cells in blood have defense mechanism.
13. Platelets have clotting function, it prevents the blood loss.
14. The function of blood includes providing nutrients to the cells and collect wastes from the cells and of course oxygen transportation.
15. Every blood cell has a certain life span, for example, RBC circulates in the system for 120 days.
16. Approximately 100 billion RBC are produced every hour to replace the dead RBCs.
17. Plasma makes 55% of total body’s blood volume.
18. A healthy human has 20-30 trillion RBCs at any time.
19. The detoxification of blood is performed by liver.
20. All types of blood cells are produced in our bone marrow.
21. The blood plasma can be stored for 1 year in frozen sate.
22. One pint of blood you donate can save 3 lives.
23. AB- is the rarest blood type O+ is the most common blood type, but it may change according to countries.
24. Baby is born with about a cup of blood.
25. The blood is filtered by kidneys. Everyday, our kidney can filter 400 gallons of blood.
26. For 42 days hospital can store donated RBCs.
27. Platelets cannot be stored for more than 5 days.
28. An adult human has 60,000 miles of blood vessels spread in the body.
29. People who donate blood don’t get paid, they are volunteers.
30. There is a huge blood market, the blood is sold in millions to the patients.
31. You can live with artificial heart, but there is no replacement for blood.
32. The heart of a healthy adult person is able to pump up to 12 liters daily.
33. Every heart beat contributes to the release of an average of 130 ml.
34. Donated blood is tested for Hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis.
35. 1.3 million pints of blood is wasted every year because its expired.
36. A special diet for blood groups is a myth.
37. The first ever successful blood transfusion was performed in 1600s on dogs.
38. With the loss of one quarter of the blood develops a condition that threatens human life.
39. It is a popular myth that blood donation is not good thing and it makes you weak.
40. The anemic patients are transfused with blood to increase the level of plasma and RBCs.
41. In a relaxed state, 25% of the blood moves through the muscle tissues and kidneys.
42. Lungs performs the oxygenation of blood.
43. In order to circulate the blood around the body, the heart creates such a pressure that it can release a blood stream 9 meters high.
44. James Harrison have rare blood group type, he had saved about 2 million of babies till now.
45. The blood is 90% water and 10% is other proteins, electrolytes, hormones, enzymes etc.
46. The red color of blood is due to presence of hemoglobin.
47. Japanese scientists have identified some relationship between the blood type of a person and their character.
48. In the body of a pregnant woman, by the 20th week, 50% more blood is produced than the blood formed before fertilization.
49. There are studies suggesting that coconut water is identical to the blood plasma.
50. A Russian scientist tried to attain mortality by transfusing the blood but he died when he accidentally transfused the blood with malaria.
51. Fish that inhabit the waters of the Antarctic have colorless blood. It lacks hemoglobin and erythrocytes.
52. About 0.5 mg of gold is distributed in the human body through blood.
53. In Japan, a whole industry of individual products for each blood group like food, cosmetics, personal care products.
54. In late 90s, Saddam Hussein ordered to write the Quran with his blood. But now Muslim leaders don’t know what to do with this Quran.
55. Ireland has a tradition- in returned to the half a liter of donated blood, half a liter of Guinness beer is offered.
56. In the car of US president there is always supply of blood in case of emergency.
57. The famous soccer player, Cristiano Rolando have no tattoo on his body so that he can donate blood.
58. The ancient Egyptians did not drink wine because of the color resemblance of wine with blood.
59. Blood donors in Sweden receive thank you message after donating blood and they also receive message when their blood is used for someone.
60. The blood performs the thermoregulatory function.


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