1. The first six months after birth, a child can swallow and breathe at the same time. Adults can not do this.

2. In a newborn baby, the weight of his head is a quarter of his total weight.

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3. The eyes from birth to the end of life are the same size, which can not be said about the remaining organs that grow with the child.

4. In Sweden, it is forbidden to apply to children under 12 years of age, as this can negatively affect their psyche.

5. Seychelles does not celebrate the day of protection of children, they mark a whole month of protection of children.

6. Children have kneecaps only in 2-3 years.

7. According to statistics, most children are born on Tuesday.

8. Jewish children can not sculpt snowmen on Saturdays, since this equates to work.

9. The words “Mom” and “Daddy” sound approximately the same in all the languages ??of the world, because these sounds are most easily pronounced by a child.

10. In medieval England, if the prince was guilty or did something wrong, they beat other children instead of him, so to say special “Whipping boys”.

11. In Japan, there is a celebration of a crying child. The point is that several sumo children are given by the child, and they should make him cry as soon as possible. Whoever cries first will win.

12. When Pablo Picasso was born , everyone thought he was stillborn, but a kind native uncle breathed a baby Pablo’s tobacco smoke into his face and coughed it. Here and so).

13. After China passed a ban that each family should have no more than one child, almost everyone wanted their only child to be a boy. And when the ultrasound showed a girl, they interrupted pregnancy. Because of this, the male population of China is now more than the female population by tens of millions.


14. The child most often inherits the blood group from one of the parents.

15. In Korea, the age of children begins to count not from the day of birth, but from the moment of conception, therefore according to the documents they are 9 months older than their peers from other countries.

16. The most common births of twins are fixed in Nigeria. On 11 genera there is one case of the birth of twins, in Japan twins are born only once in 250 genera.

17. The maximum number of children born and born from one woman is 69.

18. Most of all children were with the sultan of Morocco, Ismail. His large father “brought up” about 900 children.


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