1.1 -Compare methods for developing and maintaining skills for everyday life?

We encourage our service users to be more independent and to take ownership of their life by encouraging them to involve them in all aspects of their life. They are involved with their care plans and their timetables of activities. We have a hand over hand way in the kitchen for cooking. In personal care we use prompts and encourage participation in most aspects of their care. We give the service users a great opportunity to go out independently in the community and to interact with the local people. The service users choose their own food and is encouraged to choose fresh vegetables and fruit in their diet and then to go shopping with support. We use technology and new strategies to make the service users feel valued and ownership of their own life.

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1.2 -Analyse reasons why individuals may need support to maintain regain or develop skills for everyday life?

There is many reason why individuals may need support to maintain or regain the skills for everyday,the service user could be lacking in confidence or that the individual can’t/don’t understand what is being shown or said. Old age and social isolation can cause lack of understanding. Maybe they have a physical disability or a learning disability.

1.3 -Explain how maintaining regaining or developing skills can benefit individuals?

Explain how maintaining, regaining or developing skills can benefit individuals. By helping people maintain, regain and develop everyday skills they would benefit from been more independent than they were before the help. In addition by helping them be independent they will gain more confidence and increase self esteem resulting in a better and potentially more active lifestyle than they had.


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