1. If you are currently employed is it in your desired career? If you are not currently working what is your designed career?
I am software developer. Apart from doing job I also like to explore more knowledge about information security. So, I joined one of the best reputed university and pursuing Master’s in Information Security. I would like to work as software engineer in further future and would like to start my own startup company and like to train future aspirants who wants to work in software field. I am passionate about developing codes and want to work in software industry. But I also want to start a business of some sort in software field. I always wanted to help build/develop application and like to be creative and come up with new ideas.

2. What has been your career path up until now?
I did my engineering in Electrical ; Electronics. When I was in the last year of my engineering I joined a training institute to learn programming languages as my goal is to work as a software engineer. After BE I started my job hunt and got job in one of the MNC and I started working as a software Developer. But, I want to pursue higher education. So I came to USA and done Master’s in Electrical and Electronics in one of the reputed university. After my graduation I got opportunity to work with one of the best client as software developer. I want to explore more knowledge about information security and so I am doing my second Master’s in Information Security. Recently I got a new opportunity and I am going to start my new job this month.

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3. What do you like most about your job? Explain. If you are not currently employed, what has been your favorite job that you’ve had in the past?  Explain.

I worked as a Software Developer. Well, the first thing that I like about my job is that, it is really challenging. Each day I go to the office, we start with discussions which deal about addressing some challenging issues.  Believe me, more than money, a software engineer is concerned about the quality of work he/she does. My team consists of an amazing set of people, who are really dedicated and passionate about their work. When the entire team puts all their heart into the work at hand, you’ll also start investing the same amount of interest/passion/dedication into the work.

4. If absolutely no obstacles stood in the way of your achieving it, what would you most like to attain in your career?
my goal is to be a fulltime employee for one of the top most multi- national company. There I can build my career and develop my skills by taking the experience which I have previously worked on and I can develop my leadership qualities and can able to deal with the clients. I want to be a certified developer in my career and wants to take up the critical tasks which I have never came across for such tasks. I want to build my career in such a way that I can be the senior most developer of the company and can handle the meetings from the clients and solve the problems which may arise in any situations.

5. Where would you like to be in your career in 5 years? In 10 years? In 15 years?
Well, in five years I hope to have moved into a position very much like this one, but with more of an impact on the department’s big-picture development. I’m not sure about what that will be, but I’m up for a challenge. In ten years, I’d like to find myself in a position to mentor others in the field, putting my experience to use in ways that help others achieve what I’ve attained.


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