1.1 Background of the study
Hospitality and healing have been intertwined from ancient times. Health tourism and medical spa are part of medical tourism. Another part of health tourism – wellness tourism(A. Mahmood Khan,2017)
Now a days, people getting sick during vacation just ruin their vacation. When people go to abroad for surgery or dental work, they combine it with a trip to the Taj Mahal, a photo safari on the African veldt, or at a hospital admitting system that feels like one all at low cost and safe place. So Medical Tourism now one of the hottest niche markets in the hospitality and tourism sector.
Furthermore, the tourism sector of Bangladesh with the help of the 5-force model of Porter. The authors suggested that the private sector and government sector initiative is very important for provision of excellent facilities in the country (Mamun and Andaleeb,2013). The research also stated that safety, security, accommodation and transportation are of great importance to create an international market. Additionally, good quality hospitals and a better health management system will itself retain the local people to receive medical benefits inside the country. Moreover, it will attract people from different countries to visit Bangladesh to receive medical care. This will generate a huge earning for the country(Mamun and Andaleeb Mamun,2013). And people who are going abroad like India, Singapore for treatment will favorably stay in their motherland for treatment. This will flourish our tourism based on medical sector.
The growth of the flow of patients and health professionals as well as medical technology, capital funding and regulatory regimes across national borders has given rise to new patterns of consumption and production of healthcare services over recent decades globally. (Neil,Smith.Richard, Mannion.Russell & Horsfall.Daniel,Lunt).
No organized research has been done on medical tourism of Bangladesh yet. This paper is conducted to know the feasibility condition of medical tourism in Bangladesh and to make a base for further research.

1.2 Objective of the Study
The primary objective of this study is to identify the feasibility condition of medical tourism in Bangladesh. Main objectives of the research are given below:
• To investigate the potentiality of medical tourism in Bangladesh.
• To sketch out the problems facing by medical tourism in Bangladesh.
1.3 Scope of the thesis
Medical tourism is a new area. Many countries like India, Singapore etc have advanced in this sector. Bangladesh though is not developed in this sector yet, but have potentiality in this area.
• Further research can be conducted by analyzing this paper.
• To know the feasibility of medical tourism in Bangladesh.
1.4 Limitation of the study
Nothing is beyond limitations. The major limitations in this thesis are time and money. Limitations of this thesis can be summarized as below:
• Only a little number of organized papers on medical tourism in Bangladesh is found.
• Broad research can’t be conducted here due to time and financial limitations
• A very small sample has been taken for this study due to financial limitation.
1.5 Outline of the thesis
Chapter 1 discusses background of the thesis. In chapter 2 this thesis describes different literature of the study. Methodology is discussed in chapter 3. Chapter 4 is comprised of system implication and issues of medical tourism. Chapter 5 is consists of the analysis of the survey. Chapter 6 discusses findings of the thesis. And chapter 7 is comprised of recommendation and conclusion.
1.6 Computational issue
In order to analyze the data we use
• Microsoft excels
• SPSS-20( Statistical Packages for Social Science)

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