1., Prove that Simon Birch is the hero of movie.
There are many movies around the world with a hero willing to sacrifice themselves or something for the sake of others. In the movie “Simon Birch”, Simon is the hero of the film because of the actions he makes in the film. Simon is a hero because at the beginning of the film, Joe says “Simon is the reason why I believe in God”, which shows that he gave Joe and the kids on the bus faith and courage. He made Joe believe in God because after the incident on the bus, it was a miracle rescue and showed Joe that God does, indeed give you faith and determination if you believe. Furthermore, Simon is the hero of the film because even though he had a disease that made him small, he showed people that you can still do great things if you have faith and hope. Also, when Joe ran away in tears, Simon was their to comfort him and make him feel happy, which shows that he treats people kindly; this is what a hero would do. Moreover, Simon is the hero because when he killed Rebecca, he came to tears and was apologizing to God at the bridge. More importantly, after Rebecca’s death, he decided to give up his Baseball cards, which was his most favourite thing in the world to Joe; this showed he wanted to own up for a mistake he couldn’t fix but try to make it better. Another essential point, was when the bus driver drove off the cliff, and landed in the lake, everyone was panicking but in the middle of the panicking, Simon stood up and calmed everyone one down, directing a rescue. Equally important, Simon then realized that their was still one kid on the bus and goes back for him, and does a tremendous effort getting the kid out but the bus flounders. These points show that Simon truly was a hero. Also, Simon is the hero because a hero can never be a hero if they don’t overcome challenges and everything comes easy to them Lastly, Simon is the hero of the film because he talks about him being God’s instrument and plods through life until he really does become recognized as a hero at the end of the book. As you can see, Simon made people truly believe and showed what a martyr really is, and that God has a mission for everyone and plan, just like his mission; saving the kids from the bus. The film “Toy Story” is similar, as the producers of the film use a hero in the movie who is willing to sacrifice everything he has for others. The main character “Woody”, was the hero of the film because when Rex thought Andy was going to replace him or someone else, Woody gave them hope, and reassured them, that no one was going to be replaced. Furthermore, when Buzz was introduced, Woody felt jealous and angry about him being cool around the other toys but that all changed when they got captured by Sid Phillips. This all changed when Woody realized there’s no point since they are both Toys and instead of putting Buzz down, he encouraged him and gave him faith to fight back and escape through the window. Also, Woody is similar to Simon, because he grows to learn to be a better friend and toy. He eventually saves Buzz from being destroyed just like Simon, thusly proving he is a hero. In addition, Woody is similar to Simon because he has a moral conundrum and overcomes it. Complementary to this, Simon sacrificed himself for others just like, when Jen agreed to go with Woody, to Andy. Her father Foxy disagreed but Woody still took her with him, enraged him causing him to jump out in the way of Jen to stop her from being hurt, which ended up cutting Woody’s arm open. Lastly, Simon is similar to Woody because when Buzz felt like he was just some stupid’s child play toy, he had already built huge expectations for himself, only to see them shattered but then Woody came in just like Simon and Joe, and gave Buzz faith, that he wasn’t just some toy and was better than a human. Overall, there are many films around the world with a hero sacrificing themselves or doing something for the sake of others such as the film Simon Birch, which is similar to the movie “Toy story”.

2.What is the theme or moral of the film “Simon Birch”
There are themes and morals to every film, which teaches the viewer a lesson. In the movie “Simon Birch”, the theme is that faith and determination can you bring a long way. Throughout the film, Simon never lost faith, that he was made the way he was for a reason and kept saying he was going to be a hero and God’s instrument. Furthermore, even when Joe kept doubting him and telling him he wasn’t made for a reason and that it’s all just a load of rubbish, and even after Mrs. Wentworth died, he continued to believe that he was made for a purpose; to be a hero, even though he was small. Also, when Simon said “God has a plan for all of us”, Joe interjected and said, “There is no God”. Simon then replies with “Don’t Say That”, which shows that he is insistent that God has a plan for him, and he doesn’t lose belief in himself that he can’t be a hero. In addition, this was the theme because in Simon Birch, even though the whole city was hating on him after what he had done at the performance, he continued to have faith and determination to become a hero. This was effective because it shows that Simon’s faith made him believe that he was going to do a great thing, and he had the determination to do it. Even when all the kids were laughing at him on the bus, they were saved by Simon, which ended up killing him. In real life, if you have determination and faith, you can do most of the things you dream of doing. For example, in the film “The Scarlet Ibis”, Doodle and his brother’s determination to get Doodle to walk happens because they felt like it was hopeless in the beginning but when they had faith and determination in their mind, their self-esteem rose and Doodle was able to walk. This is relevant to real life because if Michael Jackson had given up when he got rejected by his High School’s Basketball team, he would have never gone to the NBA. Moreover, its relevant to real life because if Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t try to get better and have faith, he would have continued to have difficulty playing with other Soccer players, who were just as good as him. Thusly proving that you need determination and faith for everything in life because having determination can get you anywhere in life. Overall, the moral of movies, teach the viewers a lesson about life such as Simon Birch, which is similar to “The Scarlet Ibis” The film “The Scarlet Ibis” was similar, as the producers of the film showed the theme determination and faith. In the movie “The Scarlet Ibis”, Doodle’s brother inspires him to be able to walk and be normal like everyone else who is able to walk. Instead of denying his brother’s infallibility, Doodle began to believe in his brothers in infallibility. In addition, through determination, Doodle started learning how to do other things and even if he was horrible at it, he continued to try at it. The movie “Simon Birch” was similar to the movie “The Scarlet Ibis” because, in the film, Simon has faith and determination that he was going to do something great, which was saving the kids in the bus and that he was the way he was for a reason. This shows that both of the main characters had determination and faith to do something in their lives and they both got what they wanted. Also, Simon is similar to Doodle because both of them depend on someone for faith and determination. Simon depended on God for faith and determination and Doodles determination came from his brother. Furthermore, the themes are similar as both of them never gave up once no matter what other people thought about them. Lastly, the film’s themes are both similar, since they both indicate that faith and determination can bring you a long way. In conclusion, there is no doubt that all films give the viewer a moral and lesson such as faith and determination, such as the movie “Simon Birch”.

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3. Choose two of the following to explain what it represents or symbolizes.
I chose a) and c)

Many films around the world use objects to symbolize a deeper meaning. In the movie “Simon Birch” the armadillo and all three deers symbolized Simon and God’s will. In the movie “Simon Birch” the armadillo symbolizes Simon because just like Simon, the armadillo is small but has a hard shell which can endure a lot. This is equivalent to what Simon has since even though his whole town makes fun of him and laughs at him, his shell protects him, and he continues to put a smile on his face. Furthermore, the armadillo represents Simon because when Simon got in trouble for questioning why a continental breakfast had to do with god, he was forced to apologize or he couldn’t leave but he continued to endure everything being thrown at him because of his shell. Also, even after he grabbed Mardries breast at the performance, he didn’t care about how much worse the villagers thought about him since he had a shell around him just like an armadillo. In addition, when the bus crashed into the lake, Simon still didn’t panic or was afraid of dying, he had a shell that defended him and made him endure more than you would think. Moreover, when Simon killed Rebecca his shell was still very strong but it had cracked a bit since it was a little bit too much. Lastly, the armadillo symbolizes Simon because when he was underwater and continuing to try to get the last kid out he went past his limits, which ended up with him completely shattering his shell, killing him. The deer in the movie “Simon Birch”, symbolized God’s will because when Joe’s mother; Rebecca died, the deer was watching him just like god. The deer then later unexpectedly jumped in front of the bus causing it to crash which was a negative impact from God but God wanted this because he did it because he wanted to use Simon to inspire people around him, including his whole town and parents. At the very end, we see Joe swimming alone, where him and Simon uses to swim at. The Deer and he make eye contact which was telling Joe that everything is going to be alright. However, the Deer only applies to the movie because in real life the Deer symbolizes Grace, but in the movie, the Deer is always watching which shows God is watching over him. A movie similar to Simon Birch, is the film “A Prayer For Owen Meany”, as the producers of the film use the armadillo to symbolize endurance/Gods instruments. In the movie “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, Owen Meany takes the claws from a armadillo and arms from the Mary Magdalene Statue, and this shows that God has a plan for him in the film. In Simon Birch, we see all these symbols accept the Mary Magdalene statue, which is still similar and has the same meanings. Furthermore, the movie “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, is similar because the Armadillo nails show how powerful faith and determination is, just like how Simon demonstrates this with his own shell. In conclusion, there is no doubt that films around the world use objects to communicate a deeper meaning to the audience and the film Simon Birch uses this element, which is similar to the film “A Prayer for Owen Meany”

4.Describe something, or a character, or a situation in the film that was ironic and prove it
Irony is used in many films around the world to throw the viewer off guard, more importantly, when something completely unexpected happens from what the viewer believed would have happened. In the film “Simon Birch”, when Joe found out that his real father was (Reverend Russell), it was ironic. This was ironic because the viewers though that he was going to be happy but instead of being happy, and spending his whole life wanting who his father is, he runs away in tears and wishes he had never found out, that Reverend Russell was his biological father. Furthermore, it was ironic because when Joe finished making his last words to Simon and when he finished and walked out, instead of going home with Reverend Russell, he went home with Ben. Also, before Joe found out his dad was Reverend Russell, he hated Russell because he was mean to him and Simon. When he found out that he was his father, Joe was shocked because he never treated him well or listened to him and when he asked him to forgive Simon, he didn’t listen and got angry at Joe and said “Simon is not normal”. This made it even more ironic because his Dad was Reverend and he was acting like a priest on top of the table but under the table, he was a horrible person. This is why Joe wished Russell wasn’t his dad because he thought his Dad would be a really nice person but it turned out to be a horrible person. A movie that was ironic was “Star Wars”, as the producers of the film used irony to indicate the complete opposite of what the viewer thought was going to happen. The movie “Star Wars” was ironic because when Mace windu and other Jedi went to kill Palpatine, Anakin came in and everyone thought he was going to help Mace windu but instead he chopped Mace windu’s arm off. This scene was ironic because before he even became a Jedi, former master Jedi; Qui gon jinn said “he will bring balance to the force”, but instead he was swayed by to the dark side by Palpatine and became Darth Vader, who would become a jedi killer, instead of a sith hunter even after all his training as a Jedi. Furthermore, it was ironic because after all he had done with his master; Obi Wan Kenobi. He ended up fighting Obi Wan who cut off his legs but was still in tears to find out what Anakin had done, especially wiping out most of the jedi order. Also, Obi Wan reminds Anakin that he was suppose to join the sith not join them. This film was similar to the movie “Simon Birch” because when Joe found out his Dad was Reverend Russell, it was just like Anakin turning into Darth Vader even though he thought his Dad would be Mr. Baker or someone with the light side of the force such as Obi Wan Kenobi. In summary, irony is used to show the opposite of what the believer believed should have happened and irony is used in the film “Simon Birch”, which resembles “Star Wars”.

5.Analyzing Quotes – Time quote – Explain in your own words what the meaning of this quote is and why it is important to the film

Movies frequently use quotes to communicate a deeper message to the viewer. In the film “Simon Birch”, the quote “Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience. It races like a gazelle when you can’t catch your breath. Simon and I were in such a hurry to get to the answers at the end of the road, that we never got time to read the signs along the way” is narrated by Joe. The meaning of this quote is defining time and not taking time for granted. In the movie “Simon Birch”, the quote in the film means that time is a very precious thing you have in life since you never know when your going to die and people might think life is really long but in reality it’s less than 3 days to god. Furthermore, the quote also means in times of boredom, time seems to go really slow because your mind is not set on anything to keep your mind off of it. However, when you just start having fun time begins to just start running from you and you feel confused since you don’t how, where and when did it go by so fast. In addition, the final sentence of the quote, “Simon and I were in such a hurry to get the answers at the end of the road, that we never got time to read the signs along the way”, meant not to take times for granted because you won’t be able to get all the answers soon. The quote “Time is free but it’s priceless. You can’t own it but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back” is used in the film “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. This quote is similar to the quote in Simon Birch because the deeper meaning of the quote means not to take time for granted and you can never get it back, which is similar to the quote in Simon Birch because Joe could not bring Simon back and they went too fast, unable to read the signs along the way. This shows the wife in the Time Traveler’s Wife and Simon Birch took time for granted because you might not have much more time left and you could die any second, depending on what God wants. Furthermore, the quote is communicating the same message as Simon Birch does, because in the last sentence of the quote, it says “Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back”. In Simon Birch, Joe says “Me and Simon skipped the signs on the way”, it shows that they wasted time and skipped things they could’ve had seen those signs but they didn’t and took time for granted. This can be proven because in the end of Simon Birch, Simon sacrifices himself for the sake of others and this shows that you should not take time for granted just like in both quotes because you might die at a young age. Lastly, the quotes are similar because in both films, the wife in the film “The Time Traveler’s wife”, realizes that she can’t control time and only faith and determination can get you out of something, just like Simon and that you should try to make the best out of life and take a look at every sign along the way before it’s too late. In conclusion, movies use quotes to communicate a deeper message to the viewer such as Simon Birch, which is similar to the film The Time Traveler’s Wife.


There are many actors around the world who had to overcome challenges. However, Ian Michael Smith had a rough time as he was born with the condition Morquio syndrome. Morquio syndrome is a disease that takes place when the body doesn’t have enough enzymes N-acetyl-galactosamine-6-sulfatase and beta galactosidase. These enzymes are in every single cell we have, when we have a deficiency, our body begins having abnormal bones sizes and these enzymes are involved in the catabolism of heparin, heparan sulphate and keratan sulphate. Someone like Ian Michael Smith was born with the deficiency of enzymes N-acetyl-galactosamine-6-sulfatase and beta galactosidase causing him to have low bone sizes and a small heart which could have killed him when he was born and had dwarfism issues. Growing up, Ian Michael Smith had to overcome many challenges in his life due to this horrible disease. He would have issues reaching things in his fridge and had his parents help him every single time which bugged him but he got used to it and soon he began using a chair to barely reach what he needed. Furthermore, Ian Michael Smith would be teased at school and called a short midget but he continued to put his head up and walk past them since he knew he would soon stop seeing them after high school. In addition, he had challenges wanting to be like others; tall and strong, when he was a child but that never came true and he learned to accept it and learned through faith and determination he just might be. A disease similar to Morquio syndrome is another type of Morquio syndrome known as, Morquio syndrome B but is more dangerous compared to the normal type of Morquio syndrome. The side effects of it are Abnormal heart development, Abnormal Skeletal Development, Hypermobile joints, Large fingers, Large fingers, Knock-knees, Widely spaced teeth, and Enlarged hearts but it is more rare and only occurs in 1 person out of 300000. Overall, many famous people and actors around the world had diseases they had to overcome such as Ian Michael Smith who struggled with the disease Morquio Syndrome B.


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