1. Human shares the 98% of DNA with chimpanzee.
2. Chimpanzee is one of the “great ape’.
3. Great apes are different for monkeys- apes are more intelligent, have no tail and many more.
4. The female chimpanzee is shorter in height then male.
5. Chimpanzees are omnivorous.
6. Chimpanzees can be found in tropical rainforests, woodland savannahs and even in bamboo forests.
7. Chimpanzee use sign languages, facial expressions for communication.
8. Chimpanzee are the second most intelligent primates after human.
9. Chimpanzee give birth to the baby every 5-6 years.
10. Like humans, chimpanzee baby also stays with the mother for minimum 10 years.
11. Diseases like measles, hepatitis, ringworm, influenza can also affect chimpanzee.
12. To heal themselves from diseases they eat pants as medicine.
13. Chimpanzee can live life of 40-50 years in wild.
14. They are 6-7 stronger than humans.
15. Chimpanzees can walk on 2 legs.
16. Chimpanzees are intelligent, they were seen using stones to crack the nut.
17. Under training, chimpanzees can learn human sign language.
18. Chimpanzees always live in community with alpha male as a leader.
19. If any other chimpanzee wants to be leader then he has to fight against the alpha leader.
20. Chimpanzees have blood group A and O while humans have A, AB, B and O.
21. The population of chimpanzees is declined due to hunting, their use for medical experiments and for zoos.
22. Chimpanzees walk using their knuckles.
23. Ham was the first chimpanzee who landed on space.
24. Leopards are the main enemy of the chimpanzees, because chimpanzees are big and strong, leopard prefer baby chimpanzee.
25. Human body temperature and chimpanzee body temperature is same (37 degrees).
26. Chimpanzees can recognize themselves in mirror.
27. Chimpanzee love grooming each other and themselves.
28. They even play games to entertain each other.
29. There are about only 300,000 chimpanzees left in the world.
30. Like people, chimpanzees are able to resist temptations.
31. Different countries for scientific purposes launched into space 32 chimpanzees.
32. Most of all chimpanzees are in Tanzania.
33. Chimpanzee make nest every night for sleeping.
34. Chimpanzees are very aggressive in nature, sometimes they even attack on other chimps.
35. Chimpanzees turn grey as they grow older but they are black in young age.
36. The male chimpanzees weigh up to 70 kilograms and female chimpanzee weights approximately 50 kg.
37. There were approximately a million of chimpanzees before 50 years.
38. Male chimpanzee sometimes grows bald.
39. A chimpanzee baby is born about 1.5-2 kg in weight.
40. Chimps have longer arms than their legs.
41. Chimps develop their own fashions like putting grass in the ear.
42. Chimps can grow up to 1.2 meters tall.
43. After the death of mother chimp, eldest chimp takes care of their younger chimps, or sometimes other chimpanzee adopt them and take care of them.
44. Chimp named Washoe learned more than 240 hand signs language to communicate with others.
45. A Soviet scientist tried to create hybrid of human and chimpanzee by injecting human sperms into female chimpanzee but failed.
46. colobus monkeys are the favorite prey for chimpanzee.
47. Chimpanzees are found in 21 African countries.
48. Chimpanzees were seen enjoying drinking gin, whiskey and wine.
49. Male chimpanzees are impulsive and violet towards the females.
50. The gestation period of female chimpanzee is about 7.5 to 8 months.


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