1. Determine the degree to which the problem was correctly recognized and defined. Think the problem was conceptualized in a way that supported the recognition of a number of dissimilar possible root causes. For example, the problem definition “a decrease in sales” supports the identification of a number of root causes as well as an increase in the number of competitors, a need to ramp-up publicity, and a lack of appropriate training for the sales staff.
2. Determine if the root problem was properly acknowledged. Think if a root problem, relatively than a symptom of the root problem, was addressed by the solution. For example, if the root problem is product class and the symptom is a decrease in sales, a solution of additional sales tools will be useless in addressing the root problem.
3. Analysis project data to decide if applicable facts were considered in the decision procedure. Think about the dependability of the data sources and the totality of the data gathered.


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