1.1) In the business environment, different communication methods such as; verbal communication e.g. phone calls and face to face interaction, non-verbal communication e.g. letters and emails are used in order to communicate clearly with customers and others in the workplace. Emails and phone calls are convenient to use and are quicker than letters, communicating information rapidly and effectively. Letters are more useful for physical copies of evidence of work, for example in my workplace sometimes we will send invoices or electrical reports in physical form rather than in email in order to ensure secure delivery and authenticity.

1.2) For effective communication between varying audiences, the method or means of communication must be adapted to suit. For example, talking to a customer who is not completely familiar with the work that your organisation does will require a more in-depth explanation than a recurring customer. In addition, an enquiry from a client may be easily dealt with using emails, e.g regarding quotation or certification.

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1.3) In the workplace, grammar, punctuation and spelling are one of the most important aspects of communication and professionalism. Correct grammar ensures that what is written is easily and correctly understood, instructions that are written with poor grammar would be difficult to read and may end with misunderstandings of the given instructions.

Punctuation is essential towards clearer reading and better understanding, separating sentences and making the meaning of the overall message explicit and intelligible. Incorrect punctuation may convey an inaccurate meaning from the one that was being made originally.

Spelling is key to comprehensible text, good spelling ensures no misinterpretation and gives a lasting impression


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