1: Introduction
The idea of using social media in the workplace for communication purpose is widely debated, with many academics claiming that thanks to its dynamic nature, it welcomes inevitable challenges in the workplace. However, this apprehension cannot be entirely accepted, and this study outlines an in-depth analysis on the implementation of social networking in the workplace.
• Objectives of the study
The objectives of this study are to analyse various aspects of social media in the workplace around the world, to analyse the relationship between various social media and work force with respect to profile of organisation. Not only does this study intend to provide some reasonable recommendations and possible guidelines to overcome upcoming challenges raised by the use of social media, but it also tries to examine the various sources of media.
• Significance of the study
This study delineates the significance of using social media by workforce in any organisation. Moreover, it also makes people aware of increasing the profile of companies through social media. By conducting research on the topic, the requirements of Master of Business Information Systems will be fulfilled.
• Limitations of the study
There are, however, some limitations of this study, which on generalization can be inadequate coverage of the topic as a whole, period taken & reliability of statistical tools used and other variables. This study is simply a partial requirement of Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS) program. So, this study will be limited by following sources.
• Only secondary source will be analyzed to interpret results emerging from decision so the results depend on reliability of secondary source.
• There are many factors that affect the status of company. However, only those aspects related with social media will be taken into consideration in this study.
• This study only focuses on how and why we should use the social, and it ignores other aspects of organizations.

II: Background of the study
Social media services are Internet-based applications, which facilitate the development of social networks online by connecting an individuals and groups are known as social medias (Obar, J.A. and Wildman, S., 2015). Social media has become an important aspect of today’s workplace especially for the purpose of communication and business, and the companies using social media, for instance, Facebook, Twitter etc. have a massive amount of network with people (Smith, N., Wollan, R., ; Zhou, C. (2010). Social media has played a significant role in the workplace, from communicating with work colleagues to responding with customers. In addition, with the little investment companies are now being able to have a substantial number of clients, visitors and loyal customers (Bondarouk, T., ; Olivas-Lujan, M., 2013). Hence, it is apparent why many are in favour of implementing social media as an essential tool of communication in the workplace.
III: Context of the study
Although social media is widely used for connecting friends, relatives and non-business activities, it has made a wide space in today’s business organisations. This particular study will analyse the strategy of using social media in business organisations, where stereotyped means of communications are widely used. It is by analysing the strategic usage of the social media in business companies that businesses will be able to manage other strategies of their own (Bondarouk, T., & Olivas-Lujan, M., 2013).
IV: Organisation of report
This study has been divided into five headings. Each of them depicts the conspicuous aspects of the study.
• Introduction
It deals with the subject matter of the study consisting introduction of the study, significance of the study, statement objectives of the study, significance of the study, assumptions of the study and organization of the study.
• Review of study sources
It deals with review of available sources related to the topic. It contains conceptual framework, review of related journals & articles, and it also analyses the possible outcome of the companies by analysing the implementation of the planned strategies.
• Research Methodology
This is about the research methodology. It offers the method of investigation followed to achieve objective of the study.
• Strategic implementation
It deals with the presentation & analysis of strategies, which are can be used in implementing the topic in the workplace.
• Summary, Conclusions & Recommendations
It is presented in the form of summary, conclusions & possible recommendations.

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