1,000 corks for a 10-square-foot bulletin board Essay

A thousand wine corks, collected from friends, neighbors, andco-workers, were made into a big bulletin board by Mic Lowther ofAnchorage. “My family enjoys wine,” explains Mr. Lowther, “butI needed hundreds of corks for this project. Friends saved them for me,sent them by mail, even wrapped bundles of corks as birthday presents.I got help from bartenders.

When I ran an ad in my company’snewsletter, I received 2 or 3, sometimes 50 or 75, in plastic bags or inconfidential envelopes left anonymously on my desk.” To duplicate his board, you’ll need a 30-by 48-inch piece of1/4-inch or thicker plywood and a quart of tile mastic. Arrange 15 to20 corks on the board until you’re satisfied with the design. Movethe grouping aside, apply mastic to the plywood with a putty knife, andpress each cork firmly in place. When the board is covered, trim the perimeter corks flush with theedge of the plywood, then finish with picture framing that wraps overthe edge. For a smaller version, figure about a hundred corks per squarefoot.


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