Wade made abortion a constitutionally

“Between 1973 and 2014, Roe V, Wade made abortion a constitutionally guaranteed right, the most recent year for which we have full data, 2014, an average of 1 million abortions were performed each year in the US.

” (Morrison 1). This has brought many controversies to the pro-lifers of wanting abortion to end in the United States. Abortion should not be legalized because is a threat to the mother’s health, ruins the options of a family having a baby of their own, and because the baby has right to live.To prove my point on why abortion should be not legal, I have given information of how a mom’s life health can change forever or how a child can give such great joy to a family. But I also gave the other side of pro-choice people who believe that abortion should be legal. But the child should have the right to live. I will end my paper on why abortion should not be legal.

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Abortion can lead to many health issues to the mother. As mothers take this decision to end the baby’s life, it has “youthful years of fearing birth control failure, later years of fertility treatments, miscarriages” (Manning 54). As women are having have these horrible abortions they affect their body to be able to conceive for the future kids that they want. They can change their healthy drastically which it can lead to death. To this, they can also have mental problems. Such as, “depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors .

and substance use disorders” (Manning 55). These consequences can affect the women mentally, spiritually, physically for the rest of the life. They can feel horrible every day of their life. Feeling the guilt of killing a life can eat them alive. They won’t feel joy or energy that they deserve.They won’t be the same forever.

Furthermore, it can ruin the chances of a family to adopt a child. There are many families in where they are not able to conceive, so they turn to adoption,  “Life is winning through the generosity of millions of adoptive families to open their hearts and home to children in need“ (Pence 92). Women who had not had an abortion are giving their baby to families who can love them unconditionally and give them the life that they deserve.  There are many families that I know who have adopted kids to moms who give them up because they know that they will be better off with another family. Though it may be hard to give up the child, they at least have the comfort that their child will be cared for.

Meanwhile, there are pro-choice people who want abortion to be legal and should have a say on what they want to do with their own body.  Because “over the centuries, women have `1 ingested poisons, syringed themselves with lye and turpentine or used dangerous probes— without anesthesia—risking death and injury to end unwanted pregnancies”.  They want abortion to be a safe choice for them to end the life of the child. They want to be a right for them to be legal. No one should take that right away and no one should look down them or judge them because the decision that they committed.

  But they don’t realize that they are killing a precious life that has a heartbeat and has a life. Who does not have said but has a heartbeat inside them and are waiting to be born into the world. Therefore, is the baby should have a right to live. They can live the life that they deserve. They can have a better life than the mothers who carried them.

They can a live life that could’ve have been taken away when they were inside the womb. How that one good decision that the mom made and can change the child’s life forever. I know how hard a mom’s life can be knowing you have a child out in the world. A baby to you carried for nine months, who you cared for and loved. But knowing that you gave a future to a child that can have memories, go to school, have friends and have family world can be a comfort to the mother who gave up the child. There have been many cases in where the mom and child can reconnect after many years. They are able to meet and discuss about each other lives. All things considered, abortion should not be legal in the United States.

A precious innocent life could be killed if abortion is legal. A mom’s life health and can be forever for their rest of their life. They can have so many consequences on having troubles on conceiving to depression. Having abortion can leave a family without having the possibility to be able to adopt.

Having the chance to be able to give a child love and the support that the child that they deserve. Killing a baby is a crime against life. Why would want to kill someone who doesn’t have a say? We are all lucky enough to be able to go through the stages of life. To the first stage of being conceived, born, through infancy, having a childhood, and eventually reach adulthood. It’s our right to be able to go through these stages. But does that not mean the same for babies who unseen or unheard inside the mother’s womb? They should have the same right that we have. Their life should not be ended.

They deserve to have a chance to live the life they want, have unforgettable memories and laugh. Feel every emotion and be happy.


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