1990 Pepsi Ad: The choice of a new generation Essay

Pepsi has always been known for creating daring and unique advertisements. It is one of the most competitive carbonated beverage makers founded in 1898 by Caleb Bradham. From the beginning Pepsi has always tried to be two steps ahead of the times with their ads.

With the 1990 Pepsi Pop Art Ad it creates a vivid take on its cans. This was the beginning of a new decade and new ideas had to come into play. Times were changing so companies had to be able to take risks. With the new pop art ads it was just the thing Pepsi needed to be one step above the rest.The ad grabs your attention with the different colors.

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The photos can mean an array of different things to people from all over. To me they are carefree, festive, modern and sexy. The opening of the cans and different type of art on them bring a whole new look for Pepsi. With the header “Our Idea of Pop Art “it not only shows Pepsi like a soda company but a company who is with the change of times and modern. In this ad they are trying to make things interesting for the consumer by adding a prize to a few of the cans.Not only are they trying to catch the eye but also appeal to logic.

This loud packaging has hit most markets, with the target audience being younger consumers, who dig such art. Such novel packaging encompassed the summertime period, when consumption is at a higher rate. What edge such pop-art packaging might provide Pepsi over rival Coke is debatable. The key in the soft drink business is to get noticed, so maybe Pepsi has something here. Consumers of this pop-art packaging have some of the cans as collectors’ items still till this day.Pepsi is a company that has been around for nearly 100 plus years. The goal of any brand is to grow with each year and find new ideas.

They have always kept things interesting growing as a company. In conclusion the pop art ad was beyond its years. With the coming of a new age it was just the thing they needed. I myself look forward to the half time commercials or magazines to see what they will come up with next. Every little bit helps, of course, in the Pepsi battle for soda pop supremacy.


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