2.8 Prepare resources for the activity in line with clinical governance Knowing my level of competence, authority and knowledge in relation to preparing individuals for healthcare activuties, understanding my role and the roles and responsibilities of other team members . The importance of gaining valid consent from the individual , checking all relevant information and documention before commencing the prepation of the individual, and the types of information contained within the documents. The importance of reporting any issues or concerns, the policies and protocols relating to the individual< wearing the correct PPE for the individual and the protection of myself, surporting and assisting the individual. Making sure the correct positioning of the individual and essential resources for the activty to go aheadand the importance of ensuring this is achieved, Making sure the the correct moving and handling techniques are used for the individual.

Working within my level of competence, responsibility and accountability throghout and respond in a timely manner to meet the individuals needs, making sure records are always up to date for example careplans, marr charts etc. Respect the individuals rights and wishes relating to their consent, privacy, beliefs and dignity. we always make sure any information relevant to the activity obtained from the individual, carers and family is complete, accurate and legibly recorded.

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3.1 Describe the importance of ensuring that environments are ready for their next use

It is important to ensure the enviroments are ready as it ensures the area has been left clean and tidy. It also ensures that it is clean for other carers before they can use the equipment.

3.2 Outline the factors that influence the readiness of environments for use in health care activities

How the enviroment is left

How mobile the individual is

Having the correct supplies andequipment in place

3.3 Clean and make safe re-useable items prior to storage in accordance with agreed policies

All equipment must be cleaned and stored correctly once they have been used so that the next colleague can use them straight away. Making sure that all clothes , towels, are put in the correct landry bags. Making sure items are disposed off correctly.

Making sure that the bed pans, commodes and urine bottles are cleaned in the correct machines ready for immedite use if needed and in the correct places they are stored.

3.4 Dispose of used, damaged or out of date items safely

All should be disposed of immediiatly. With regards to soiled pads, dressing they should be disposed of in bags then in the correct bins with are located in a locked cupboard.

If any thing is damaged it is reported straight away and removed so it cant be used or others are at risk of harming themselves.

Out of date items such as medications should be disposed of safely. we have a destroyed book we have to record in if medication is destoyed and why, this is signed by two medication trained staff, this is destoyed in a bin in alocked room so it is away from individuals.

3.5 Return un-opened, unused and surplus resources to the correct location for storage

Un-opened and surplus resources should be returned to the correct location for storage. For example medication should be returned to the supplier so it is not left lying around. this should also be put away in a safe place so it can not be touched by others.

If inco pads are un-open or to much delivered they should also go back and stored safely until returned

3.6 Monitor the available levels of consumable materials used in healthcare activities

It is important to montor so that the individual does not ran out of stock such as inco pads, medication, creams. We do a weekly check and ordered if time so the individual is not without.

3.7 Replenish consumable materials used in healthcare activities in accordance with protocols

Making sure we have the correct materials to do our jobs and that we have all inplace and enough. that it is safe to use and used propertly.

3.8 Ensure all information is accurately recorded as specified in local policies

All information is accuractly recorded in the individials care plan and also handed over to staff. making sure it is confidential and that all information is locked away so only the correct healthcare professionals can access it.


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