. LIFE WITHOUT CHRISTThe marriage institution was founded by God, how dare you abandon the coach of the game you are playing? “Behold the lords hand is not shortened that it cannot save, neither his ear  heavy that he cannot hear.

But your iniquities have separated you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59: 1-2).No reasonable success can be made in a marriage without Christ. Once couples are not in Christ their marriage is always considered by infidelity, violence, confusion and troubles. When this experiences abound in any marriage the blessings of God never dwell there.2.

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 CULTURAL IMPLICATION“And I will make thee swear by the lord, the God of heaven, and the God of the earth, that thou shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of Canaanites, among whom I dwell. But thou shalt gointo my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac” (Gen. 24:3,4). Here , Abraham insisted that his son marries from his own lineage. What was wrong in Isaac getting married outside his kindred? Different towns have different cultures. In African for example, when you try to examine the demonic inclination of some marriage traditions, you cannot help but shrug your shoulders. Some cultures directly initiates the marriage into demonic stronghold and this has a compulsory pull-down effect on the couple.Abraham was afraid of the importation n of dangerous and occultic cultures, hence, he refused his son marrying from outside his kindred.

This does not imply that one must marry his town only, but marriage ceremonies must be done in a Christian way to avoid such demonic initiations. Lineage here means people of the same Christian faith and background. Culture here also ,means Christian way of marriage.3. TWO STARS COMING INTO ONE:The issues of marriage involves merging two destinies into one. In matt.

2:2, the bible said immediately Jesus was born, His star appeared. Everything that Jesus was, was also specified in that his star. This is also true about everyone born on earth. Everyone comes to life with a star bearing the way things are going to move for him. In fact the star is the shining force in the destiny of a man. Every good star like that of Jesus Christ must have demonic attacks.While some stars can increase the sinning of the others when they are merged together, yet some can draw down the shining of others.

When a man and a woman are coming together in marriage, their different starts are coming together either to increase or decrease in intensity. This is the main reason why some who were doing well before marriage start finding things difficult after marriage especially if their star has joined with a decreasing intensity. Christians prayers and faith in Christ will stabilize their destinies and make their stars to merge an shine bright.4. FAULTY MARRIAGE FOUNDATION: Eph 5:11, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness”.The scripture emphasizes that the marriage bed should not be defiled.

Every premarital sex is an unfaithful work of darkness and must be avoided. Some men stay with their spouse in the house and have children without paying the bride price of their wife. This is evil and can hinder the destiny of the couple.

5. PAST EVIL SEEDS AND HARVEST:The past evil behaviors and dealings of the couple wile single, matter so much to their blessings in marriage. Yesterday is gone but not dead. Your today is the product of your yesterday and your tomorrow is the product of today. The evil deeds of people in the past make them frustrated when they get married.

Some of the evil deeds that are linked to marriage are disappointment against one brother or sister, involved past immoral affairs with demonically possessed individuals, abortions of pregnancies and shedding of innocent blood etc. they cry woe to the family.A lot of people do not know that when a man has sex with a woman, he has become the same flesh with the woman. That is, she has her part in you, you have your part in her (1Cor.6:16). If your sexual partner is a witchcraft agent or marine agent only God will deliver your destiny from total collapse.Invoking you is so easy for him or her because part of you is in her. There was a man that came for counseling in a church, his problem was hardship according to him; he had had several prayers in different ministries but to no avail.

He was asked to go into three days fasting from 6.00am pm. He was advised to mention the names of his previous girl friends and ask God to separate him from all of them that held him captive demonically.

He went home that same day and prayed. That night he had two dreams, in one of the dreams he saw a big python. Someone gave him a cutlass to cut the python into pieces. He started cutting the python. As he was approaching the neck region the head turned into the face of one of his former girlfriends. In that dream, he killed her. In the other dream, he saw a black bird and decided to dissect the bird with his cutlass.

As he was doing that, the bird suddenly changed to another girlfriend of his and he also killed her in that dream. This was how hardship ended in the life of this brother. And so immoral relations of the past can be hindrance. Also the blood of children aborted in pregnancy can hunt the success of any couple. (Gen 4:10)6. ENVIOUS SPIRIT WIFE OR HUSBAND:If someone has an evil marriage covenant it can o a long way to affect the marriage.

You can know this by asking God to reveal to you if you have demonic marriage covenant.7. NOT COOKING AT HOME:Most couples live above their income. Their some I know that hardly cook in their house. Every morning, afternoon and evening, they are buying food outside. This can wreck down the financial strength of the couple.8. BREAKING OF MARRIAGE OATH: Usually on the altar, some promises are made as regards to the faithfulness of the couple to each other.

If there is violation of this agreement no matter how slim the magnitude can be, trouble is unavoidable. The best is to stick to those promises. Even if you did not make any promises on the altar as it were, as long as you agreed to marry each other, the law of marriage binding in you.9. THE EVIL NATURE OF THE FOREFATHERS:Most  of our forefathers committed idolatry, murder of innocent people, ancestry, cheating,  usurping of their neighbors’ properties, etc. Nemesis unavoidable in this case.

Though you are just the offspring, yet you inherited the curse following these evils (Exod. 20:5). But when Christians effectively pray to God, break the covenant and live holy and righteous life, they are freed from this nemesis (Exodus 20:6)10. NUMBER OF DEPENDANT:Sometimes couples have a lot of brothers and sister in-law in their house. When the volume of income is less compared to expenses then there is trouble of unavoidable hardship.11. MARRIAGE HUNTERS:Most people especially of the polygamous background have some envious father’s wife, who is ready to go to any length to plunge the couple into suffering.12.

 CONVENANT IN THE EVIL WORLD:Some couples notice that some particular force begins to attack them in the dream immediately they have gotten married. This possibly because on of them has an unbroken covenant with the evil world.13. LOSS OF VISIONS:Some people marry without the consideration to vision of God for their lives. Take for instance; if a man’s density or vision is to be a pastor and he marries an unbeliever, you see that vision is automatically killed except by the grace of God. Once your vision is killed, your marriage will suffer lack and troubles.14. LACK OF LOVE BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE:In the absence of love there is no blessing in the marriage.

Jesus Christ is the head of the family only when there are love and peace in the marriage.15. CHANGE OF RESIDENTIAL ACCOMODATION:Most couples have had to change their residential accommodation to a place of wider space for convenience sake. This involves expenses but apart from that, some of them can run into house with demonic foundation.

Living in houses with occultic foundation hinders the progress of people. Check your purse and pray seriously for where you want to pack to before you change accommodation16. UN PREPAREDNESS:Most couples marry without adequate preparation financially; the result is that within the next one year suffering starts. Don’t marry with loan or higher purchase. But wait until you have money.17.

 PRAYERLESSNESS:Prayer less couples are powerless couples. No progress can actually come without serious prayers (1Thess 5:12)18. LACK OF CARE FOR CHILDREN:This can make the children fall sick frequently leading them to hospital admission, etc. take care of your children and feed them well.19. BIRTH FOUNDATION:Most people were dedicated to idols and shrines when they were born.

This leads to hardship when they marry.20. LACK OF AGREEMENT WITH PARENT IN-LAW IN MARRIAGE:Lack of agreement between you and your parent in-law, especially the area of performance of marriage rites may adversely affect the marriage, if you are unlucky to have wicked parents in-law.

21. LOOKING FOR FRUIT OF THE WOMB:This has wrecked down the financial muscles of many couples. Couples have often been known to visit many hospitals, both orthodox and , seeking for treatment of their infertility.

This involves a lot of money and many a time they spend above their income.22. LACK OF BIRTH CONTROL:Some people for, either the joy of sex or lack of discipline produce more children than their income can carry them.23. LIVING EXPENSIVELY AND UNECONOMICALLY:Some people do things because they see others do it.

If one lives beyond his salary, he is bound to go down financially and face economic problem


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