Companies are rapidly expanding everyday due to the amount of demandfrom customers. Small and big companies should plan to invest on the creationof an intranet that meets their standards on how a company should operate. Theintranet provides the same things as the internet, but the intranet is internaland designated to a specific organization in general. The organization isallowed to use many of the services an intranet provides, meaning that they donot have to use the internet for many jobs that they perform. When a largeworkforce is present, communication with other individuals is required becausepeople are able to pass down ideas that will benefit others if they run intothe same problem. The workers are also able to see the daily news and ideasthat are specific to that organization. According to the article Should Small Companies Have an Intranet, itstates that “Employees should beaware of what they should share, and have tools and methods for communicatinginformation about projects, policies, or teams, as well as news, and announcements” (Pernice, 2015).

This statement demonstrates thatcompanies should create their own Intranet sites to share and distributecritical ideas that improve the efficiency work done by employees. Even thoughthe Intranet is a vital tool for companies, it may be expensive to implementthe technology that is required to run an intranet. It all depends on the sizeof the organization. A refutation going against the argument states, “A recent survey (Modalis Research Technology) showed that the averageintranet took over 15 months to implement and averaged over $40,000 in costs (Batke,n.d).

This sort of price should not matter since it provides improvements inproductivity for the workers and helps with communications among the workers. Italso helps keep company data safe, so that no hackers will gain access to thatinformation. To improve the Intranet of a company, security measures should beapplied to improve the confidentiality of information being exchanged acrossthe internal network.


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