3.1. Explain how to support others to understand the need for secure handling of information
To support others to understand the need for secure handling of information you must take them through their initial shadowing days and training ensuring that they complete everything. You must show individuals where the policies and procedures for handling information are kept, make sure that they understand the information and can apply it in practise. This should be done during a persons initial shadowing, you can also help them by showing the parts of the policies and procedures that are actually relevant to them and by providing practical examples for them to understand better. You also need to make sure that others know the procedure for reporting incidents where there has been a breach in information security or confidentiality. The best way to show others is to lead by example by never breaching confidentiality, never use care records inappropriately or abusing the use of any secure computer systems.
3.2. Explain how to support others to understand and contribute to records
To support others to contribute and understand care records in their shadowing days you must firstly show them the different types of care records that we use, where they are stored and how to share it appropriately. These could include individual’s care plans, daily note, bowel charts, food and fluid charts. You need to then make it clear to them which of these records they are expected to maintain and how. You must show good, clearly legible, accurate and up to date records to individuals to learn from. I would then myself write my own in front of them and encourage them to ask me any questions while I’m doing it, then when I feel they have a good understanding of how to contribute to care records well I will supervise them while I get them to write the information down, as I would have been there to witness what they had done in order to contribute to records. Hopefully then an individual will have the ability to keep recording accurate information in the appropriate way, share the correct and relevant information about any changes to an individual’s personal condition or care needs. You have to keep reminding people even when they are fully trained to keep up to date with secure record keeping.


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