3.2 Explain how theories relating to child development influence current frameworks

The theories developed by the scholars mentioned on Question 3.1 contributes big impact in understanding each phase of a child’s early years. There are several factors affecting the individuals’ development and behavior.

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There were seven areas of learning to be considered in EYFS and all of these requires different approach in order to fully understand the individual’s development. Among the seven areas of learning are the following:

* Personal, Social and Cultural Development

* Language and Communication Skills

* Mathematical Development

* Literacy Development

* Knowledge and Understanding of the World

* Physical Development

* Creative Development

A carer/practitioner must be well-aware about the seven areas to fulfill their responsibilities. The theories formerly mentioned creates a guidance towards the approach the EYFS practitioner can follow. (Education Gov UK, 2017)

A great example is the theory conducted by John Piaget about Cognitive Development.


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