3081020-1206501740535-130810 1627505247015 HOME Cafe Company is a sole proprietorship kind of business that was founded by Nur Izzaty in Kuala Lumpur

HOME Cafe Company is a sole proprietorship kind of business that was founded by Nur Izzaty in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the end of 2012. It is a doodling and a self-therapy cafe with a combinition in its themes such as vintage and homey that bring out the nostalgic and cosy feels from the customers where the will feels as it at HOME. Despite being categorized under food industry that provide coffees, our cafe’s main focus was on the cocoa beans and cocoa products themselves. To serve our customer with the best quality of cocoa beans is our greatest mission as we provide the foremost services to them. Home Coffee Company is an innovative with a priority on markets in Asia. There are about 1,007 branches around the area served with the head quarter located at the centre of the city in KLCC, Malaysia. Our main attractions are hot chocolate drinks that come in a multiple variations such as spiced chocolate para mesa of Latin America for the people who like their drink mildly spicy in flavor with a feeling of a bit earthy and fruity bouquet to this traditional beverage, the very thick , delicious, creamy and pudding like consistency, cioccolata calda from Mesoamerica and chocolate a la taza which served in Spain, best with our homemade churros, and the thinner hot cocoa that is consumed by a lot in United State. We here will bring together all the hot chocolate drinks all around the world with the exact recipes used to make them. We also contribute in providing goods that are baked and some coffee beverages for the coffee lovers, smoothies and tea too. HOME mission is to give our beloved customer the safe space for them to relax after dealing with their life and to provide them the service they needed along with being the worldwide cafe by the year of 2025. The HOME Cafe Company’s vision is to be the first ever cafe company that contribute with helping people (notwithstanding the age range) who having mental illness (anxiety disorder, ptsd, ocd, etc) or in a situation that in need of help (domestic abuse, sexual harassment, etc) , without them to think of themselves as a liability, abnormal or useless human being for the society hence decreasing the number of suicides around the world. Furthermore, we want to spread the idea of mental illness is not something that should be taken lightly or being made fun of by others because it it just as dangerous and incurable like cancer. Therefore, Home Cafe Company will providing a licensed counselling services in the near future for us to achieve our vision.
Political Factors Affecting HOME Cafe’s Business
Bureaucratic red tape in developing countries
This external factor is a threat because it makes the business expansion more difficult than it already is for HOME. This can’t be avoided since most of the countries that HOME decides to pursue or seems to have a potential to expand the business were persisted by this threat. The excessive regulation or commonly known as red tape has a strong influences in any country’s economy especially for the developing country like China, Thailand and Philippines. All those complicated rules and procedures that need to be taken care of will cause a lot of delay in the extension which can be crucial when setting up a company or doing business in a new market. This can make HOME Cafe to shy away from the ‘business-unfriendly’ countries despite the great business opportunities there.

2) Regional Integration of Market
HOME can contribute to the country economic development or economic growth when it leads to linkage to broader economy. This is an opportunity for the business as it can help HOME to globally expand. The regional integration will be resulting for all the tariff or non tariff barriers to be removed under the agreement of both countries that involved because the economies of the co-operating states become so integrated. The company can export or import goods or stocks without paying taxes or having any difficulty with it.

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Economics Factors Affecting HOME Cafe’s Business
Reducing the Unemployment Rates
This is an opportunity for this business as it increase the revenue of the company from various markets all aroound the world. Since the unemployment rate affected the economy, workers that gain income resulting for the country gains production and consumer spending. The consumer spending will give a good impact to our company revenue.

Increasing in Labor Cost in Supplier’s Countries.

The increasing in labor cost is an external factor that become a threat for HOME because it increases the company’s spending for more ingredients. Most of the coffee and cocoa beans of the firm sourced from the developing countries and to gain more means to employ more worker to do the job to fulfill the requirement needed by the company.

Social Factors Influencing HOME Cafe’s External Environment
Increasing Health ConciousnessAs the cocoa was the main attraction for HOME, it is well known that cocoa beans are rich sources of iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus (according to Harvard T.H Chan Scholl of Public Health) and can reduced the risk of heart problems. Cocoa beans are full of of phytonutrients, which acts as antioxidants too. This clearly define that the company can promote their healthful goods to attracts the health-concious consumer to HOME Cafes hence it is an opportunity for the company.

Awareness for Mental Illness/ Reachimg the vision
As stated in the company background, HOME is a special place for everyone to be safe and feels accepted. However, it doesn’t mean that people without any problem can’t come to the cafe in fact they are welcomed to visit as this can help to spread awareness of this issue hence assist HOME to reach it vision. I believe that the pest analysis should be helpful in reaching HOME’s goals too.

Technology/Environmental/Legal Factors in Home Coffee Business.

Rising Avaibility of Specialty Coffee Machines for Home Use (Technology Factors)
This is a threat for the company as they will be less customers to come to the cafe as they can make their own beverages at home without having to spend money at the coffee shop. Not just that, the consumer could substitutes to HOME products/goods with the specialty coffee machine that was invented.

Business Sustainability Trend (Environmental)
This trend is for HOME to ensure that the company have minimal environment impact focused on it business processing. This is an opportunity for HOME as it products and goods guarantee the wholly uses of nature product as it ingredients.

Product Safety Regulation (Legal)
Product Safety is the ability of a product to be safe for intended use, as determined when evaluated against the established rules. It is a not a threat as HOME have the opportunities to improve its performance by satisfying products safety regulations on ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
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