Being married to an Army

ALNISA – CONTRIBUTION1.           Being married to an Army offr is a tough choicein life with a mix of happy and sad feelings.

Sad to stay away from your lovedones but happy to find a new family at each service station. The concept ofcommunity living is practiced in all the cantonments, however, C&SC, takesa considerable lead in bonding the families together.While fathers are busy instudies and kids in school routine, mothers find it convenient to find time forthemselves. The time is well utilized in seeking self-improvement andsocializing, both opportunities offered by college in general and Al Nisa clubin particular.2.           The club offers making best possible use toleisure time in personality grooming, attaining a skill and practice yourtalent in arts or sports, which is a rare opportunity for ladies in thecountry. Few important contributions include.

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a.           Socializing.              Periodic gatherings of lady wivesat club improves the bondage and creates a family environment where problemsand pleasure can be shared conveniently. Syndicate level gatherings, where youget to know lady wives from different parts of Pakistan and abroad.

b.           Self-Refinement.     Club offers self-refinement in the fieldsof knowledge, everyday life, cooking and health care.c.

           Sports.          Sports culture of college isunprecedented in Army. The opportunity to physically exercise   sports in a family environment is one of thebest opportunity to improve oneself.d.           Driving          The College offers facility to learndriving in a safe and congenial environment. Driving not only improvesself-sufficiency of a lady, but also helps in improving her confidence andesteem.

e.           Arts    The club also facilitates polishing theartistic abilities of a lady, after college life. Dress shows, cat walk,singing and dancing, writing articles and organizing events are some of theactivities designed to bring out the talent of a lady wife, subdued by kitchenand babysitting. 3.           Al-Nisa club is a wonderful opportunity forimproving oneself and making best use of leisure time, taking a relief fromeveryday routine.

I am sure that Al-Nisa club is added as one of the sweatmemories in life and hope that bondages and quest of self-refinement developedhere would continue till years to come. Al-Nisa contributions(Accepted)Brief but to the pointarticle, covering all aspects of contributions of Al-Nisa. L No 266, Mrs Maj Usman Akram, Syn 15


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