Chalk this up to the

(3) Everyone speaks English.

Chalk this up to the American colonial history of the Philippines. From 1898-1946, America imposed its education system throughout the country. Until this day, English remains pervasive throughout the islands, where all road signs, public area signs and announcements are provided in English. Needless to say, this helps tremendously when going to the Philippines as a tourist, especially if it’s your first time.

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(4) It is among the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

For diving enthusiasts, marine and wildlife fanatics, and anyone who appreciates nature, the Philippines is heaven on earth. Located in the planet’s Coral Triangle, the Philippines is home to the highest concentration of coral, flora and fauna, marine, bird and reptile species in the world. Scientific researchers have found that the country has the highest concentration of animal, plant and coral species per unit area in the world. For this, the Philippines has been dubbed “the centre of the centre of biodiversity”.


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