48-foot-long trellis over the entry and carport Essay

Stretching horizontally from a two-story house, this trellis-topped
carport provides a sheltered place to park, defines the entry walk, and
helps visually settle the house down into the surrounding landscape. In
warm weather, it provides a shaded place for outdoor parties.

The 48-foot-long structure runs out from one corner of the hillside house. Wooden beams, rafters, and crosspieces, which get progresively
more delicate with each layer, appear to be supported by massive
concrete columns. Actually, the 78-inch-tall columns are relatively
lightweight asbestos-cement (Transite) pipes, spaced about 20 feet
apart. The true supporting elements are 6-by-6 posts inside the pipes.

The 1-inch-thick, 2-foot-diameter pipes are manufactured to serve
as storm drains. These 6-1/2-foot lengths cost about $100 apiece and
weigh about 300 pounds. Check the yellow pages under Water Works
Equipment and Supplies.

Bolted to the 6-by-6 posts are pairs of 4-by-12 beams. The beams
support rows of paired 2-by-8s; single 2-by-3s form the top layer.

The structure was designed and built by owners Michele and Gary
Tobey of Design Concepts, santa Rosa, California.


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