50 Easy Persuasive Speech

What is it that makes these EASY persuasive speech topics?I have several pages on this site devoted to persuasive speeches, but this one is all about crafting your speech as simply as possible.

An EASY topic is one that…

  • You are already knowledgeable about.

    If you know your subject well – and you don’t need to spend hours researching the topic – then you’ll instantly and significantly reduce your workload! Bringing your personal experiences to your speech makes it easier to write, and makes your presentation more engaging for your listeners. Try making a list of subjects you’re interested in and a topic idea may even jump out at you!

  • You feel strongly about. There’s nothing harder than trying to persuade someone they should feel a certain way about something if you’re ‘wishy-washy’ on how you feel about it yourself! Real passion comes across in your words, which are more forceful and credible as a result.

Technically, then, an easy persuasive speech topic for one individual may not be so easy for another. The list I’ve put together, however, is of topics with broad appeal..

. subjects about which most of us have a pretty strong opinion and PLENTY to say! In each case, I’ve stated just the topic itself – it’s up to you whether or not you’re trying to persuade your audience to be FOR the idea or AGAINST.

Speech Topic: Easy Persuasive Speech Topics – 1-12 – Related to Schools

  • All school children should wear a uniform
  • Exams give little indication of a student’s real ability
  • Advertising in schools should be banned
  • Homeschooling is better than traditional education
  • Soda should be banned from schools
  • French fries should not be served in schools
  • Single sex schools are better than mixed/co-ed
  • School is not the place for sex education
  • Students should be allowed to leave school at 14 to learn a trade
  • Going to college is not the key to a successful future
  • All students should learn a 2nd language
  • History textbooks do not tell the truth (discuss how the perception of historical events may vary around the world)

Speech Topic: Easy Persuasive Speech Topics – 13-27 – Related to Family Life

  • Breast-feeding is better than bottle (formula) feeding
  • Parents should be held legally responsible for the things their children do
  • Under 18s should be allowed to drink alcohol at home if their parents consent
  • Child-care should be provided in the work place
  • Encouraging women to work is destroying the traditional family
  • Parents should be punished for failing to provide a healthy diet
  • We are over-scheduling our kids
  • Parents should never pry into their teens’ rooms/belongings
  • Today’s kids have it easier than their parents/grandparents
  • Dads are more fun than moms! (Keep this light-hearted)
  • Eating together as a family is important
  • A woman’s place is in the home! (This is a provocative title, so be funny or surprising in your speech)
  • Older teenagers should contribute to household expenses
  • We should value our old people rather than cast them aside
  • It truly takes a village to raise a child

Speech Topic: Easy Persuasive Speech Topics – 28-36 – Funny/Light Hearted Ideas

  • A Mac is better than a PC!
  • Why _______ is the best movie ever!
  • Why everyone should visit _____________ (talk about somewhere you love)
  • Moustaches should be banned
  • Google is taking over the world
  • Santa Claus is real!
  • Games like Candy Crush are making us stupid
  • Batman is cooler than Spiderman
  • McDonalds is better than Burger King

Speech Topic: Easy Persuasive Speech Topics – 37-50 – Miscellaneous Ideas

  • Plus size people should pay for 2 seats on public transport
  • The government should not censor information given online
  • Love is more powerful than hate
  • Immigrants should be required to speak the language of the country to which they’re moving
  • We need more female construction workers!
  • You should buy local produce whenever possible
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • Money can’t buy happiness
  • A dog really is man’s best friend
  • All hospitals should allow pets to be brought in to see their owners
  • Criminals should be forced to make restitution to their victims, rather than to society in general
  • Lying isn’t always wrong
  • Discipline should be based on rewards rather than punishment
  • Facebook has improved life for many people

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