“50 first dates” Movie Review Essay

50 first day of the months was a merriment and a colourful film. which brings the audience into wonder. The film is about a cat named Henry seeking to construct a romantic relationship with a miss named Lucy. Henry before was in to short-run attractive forces to the tourer. He was afraid of committedness because of what he went through in college. He would leap from one sexual attractive force to another non believe anything of it. While Lucy who had a mental upset called Goldfield Syndrome.

which made her lose her short-run memory. Really had no chose on being in a relationship because she wouldn’t retrieve the individual the following twenty-four hours. That all changed the minute Henry foremost saw her in the coffeehouse. From so on Henry made all the attempt he could give merely to win Lucy’s bosom.Despite the syndrome Henry managed to allow Lucy cognize how much he loves her through a picture tape that he takes every individual twenty-four hours.

In this manner. Lucy will cognize what happened to her and the tape is used to remind her what she did the past yearss. Ocular humanistic disciplines was of import to Henry because without it he could’ve non allow Lucy retrieve what happened to her. Besides the narrative of Henry and Lucy in 50 first day of the months. ocular humanistic disciplines plays a large function in my life. Not merely because it makes life more colourful. but to believe that art can show itself into a greater manner that is through what a adult male can see.

Not merely do the ocular humanistic disciplines provide pleasance and originative inspiration. but they besides help further duologue and convey of import issues to the public oculus.


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