The Social Network is based on a truestory about a website known as Facebook. People use Facebook as part of theirdaily routine, it’s utilized worldwide. However, many people don’t know whatMark Zuckerberg went through to create this famous website. The Social Networkis a film on how the website was created. Every important character in this scenehas power or is looking to gain power, and trying to keep their power.

Power isone of the biggest themes to this movie, and each character uses power in theirown way.            Oneimportant scene that has a lot of power in it, is when Erica broke up withZuckerberg. She uses her emotional power to break up with him. Erica told Mark,“You’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’rea nerd.

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But I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that, that won’t betrue, it’ll be because you’re an asshole.” When Erica said that she truly meantit, she had been dealing with so much with Mark being really rude to her, soshe finally decided to break up with him. She truly thinks that Mark is anasshole, not because he’s smart, or because he thinks that he’s the best butbecause he doesn’t know how to talk to people, he’s trying to be cool. Shewanted to get rid of something in her life that was toxic.

Erica breaking upwith Mark made Mark use his power to create something called Facemash. The scene rightafter the breakup is when Mark used his power and created a website calledFacemash. Facemash was a website where people, mostly guys, could virtually rankgirls side by side. In this scene he also went to blog about Erica and in theblog he called her names, and disrespected her. Not only was she already hurt,because of the break-up but Mark proved to her that he’s a complete asshole. WhenMark created Facemash, he used his intellectual power to cope with the breakup.Part of his coping method he went off and blogged about Erica in a horrible waythat made all the girls who’ve read it hate him.

Facemash being invented madeHarvard’s network crash. It was in that moment when Mark realized he had thepower to do everything. This scene is when Mark and Eduardo noticed they wereslowly, but surely gaining power.

Not long after this scene was the beginning oftheir lives changing. After crashingHarvards network, Mark was brought in front of an Administrative Hearing. Theywere charging him with three different charges, but he believed he didsomething for them. Mark said “I believe I deserve some recognition from thisboard”.

I think he said that because he now knows that he has the power tocrash the network and if he wanted to hack the network. Zuckerberg telling the boardthat, made him feel as if he was the top notch and they were nothing. When hesaid that everyone was in disbelief and not long after that is when the Winklevosstwins approached him.The Winklevosstwins and Divya had learned that Zuckerberg had created a website and asked himto help with their website, again making Mark feel powerful. Shortly after thatMark came up with the plan to create “The Facebook”. When it finally launched theWinklevoss twins went insane, because they believed that he stole their idea.Divya, the twins friend said to Mark “I cannot wait to stand over yourshoulders and watch you write us our check.

”  In that very moment all three of them feltlike they were invincible. In this scene all of the guys including Mark feltlike they had power or were going to gain power very soon.            There’sanother very powerful scene in this film that I want to write about, and that’son Sean Parker.

Right when Parker made his first appearance in the movie theymade it very clear to its’ viewers that he was a very powerful, and intelligentman. Sean told Amy “I founded Napster.” Amy said “Sean Parker founded Napster”.As if Sean is this very popular wealthy man.

Parker made it clear that he infact did found Napster and he wanted to find Zuckerberg. When he got in touchwith Mark they went to a meeting and he was 25 minutes late, again makinghimself seem like he can do whatever he wants. Throughout this scene he wenton, and on about his life, how we created Napster, making himself seem evenmore invincible.  At the end of thisscene Sean left Mark thinking that he was the most powerful man he had evermet.

I believe that Zuckerberg really wanted to be just like Parker.            TheSocial Network I believe was about power. Again, everyone in the movie thoughtthey were invincible, or wanted to be invincible. Mark and Eduardo not onlycreated Facebook but they became billionaires.

Erica used her emotional powerto break up with the guy who was being a complete jerk to her, the twins andDivya sued Mark and won a lot of money. Sean always had power and he helpedZuckerberg keep his power. 


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