Wonch IntroductionJanet Napolitano told us

WildfiresBy: Edith AvalosDate: 2/25/17TechnologyMrs. Wonch IntroductionJanet Napolitano told us “We have at least 125 communities in Arizona at risks from wildfires, not because of review process or litigation delays but because of a lack of federal funding on the ground to actually begin the projects”. Wildfires have been affecting the environment for the past years. There have been big disasters that have cost people’s lives. Every 1.

2 million woodland gets burned every year. I think we should all try to reduce the number of wildfires each year to help the environment and us. Wildfires are big and large fire that spreads and causes lots of disasters.

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Per hour a wildfire can probably spread about 14.29 miles. Wildfires are really dangerous even though you might think is just fire. There was one wildfire that spread into 7 states which were Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. All of those states were affected somehow and had lots to fix and rebuild. One of the main causes of wildfires are us, humans. Humans can cause a fire accidentally and purposely but not only do humans cause them. They are also caused by volcanoes and lightning.

As many as 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans. The remaining 10 percent are started by lightning or lava ( National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior).Humans can cause fire.

Humans cause wildfires when they are done with her cigarette they put it in the floor and forget to step in it or didn’t step in it good. This also explains that we shouldn’t smoke. They can also cause fire by dropping a lit candle. Also by leaving the stove on.   There are many negatives effects to wildfires.

Wildfires can destroy lots of stuff such as homes and forests. They can also kill people or also pets. Watersheds are one of the effects of wildfires.

You might think that affecting the watershed is not a big deal but it actually is. It can affect people with asthma because they can’t breathe with lot of smoke.Wildfires have many negative effects. There are also lots of solutions. One solution is to burn yard waste throughout the country for removing unwanted yard trimmings or leaves. Another solution is that before starting a fire make sure you check your area’s wildfire alert system to make sure conditions are safe for an open flame (Culture of Safety). There are many solutions to stop wildfires these are only two of them.

The most common place that has more wildfires is in California. Wildfires are usually in the west of the U.S. Wildfires are not that dangerous there are others fires that are more dangerous than a wildfire.

It is called a crown fire. One of the largest fires in recent history was in 1825 when a fire tore through Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, burning 3 million acres of forest (DO SOMETHING.ORG). I think we should all try to reduce the number of wildfires each year to help the environment and us. Wildfires are dangerous and are caused by humans, lightnings, and volcanoes.

There are many negative effects and solutions. Wildfires affect our world and we need to stop it. In fact I think you will never be around a wildfire because you will know how to stop it. Name of Organization: National Park Service U.S.

Department of the Interior Date written: Unknown Title of Article: Wildfire Causes Date collected: 5/10/17URL:https://www.nps.gov/fire/wildland-fire/learning-center/fire-in-depth/wildfire-causes.cfmName of Organization: Culture of SafetyDate written: Unknown Title of Article: Forest Fire Prevention Date collected: 5/10/17URL: http://cultureofsafety.thesilverlining.com/wilderness/forest-fire-prevention/ Name of Organization: DO SOMETHING.ORGDate written: Unknown Title of Article: 11 Facts About WildfiresDate collected: 5/10/17URL:https://www.dosomething.org/facts/11-facts-about-wildfires    


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