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8572504762500-3048006085840STUDENT NAME: MOSIAME KGOMOTSO

The process of mixed-use development in Botswana is increasingly being promoted within the country thus looking at the barriers inhibiting it, mixed use development is defined as (ADELAIDE COUNCIL, n.d.<https://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/assets/documents/ACC-DIGS-mixed-use-development-guide.pdf >”Mixed used development is the development which comprises a mixture of two or more land uses, either comprised within a single building (horizontally or vertically) or multiple buildings of different uses within a distinct development site.” These buildings can be used commercial, retail, residential, institutional or office even leisure purposes etc.

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Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 CITATION goo l 7177 (google, n.d.)For mixed use they can be different combinations of use for example like commercial-residential, civic-commercial, residential-civic use in one type of a building. Barriers these are the factors which makes it difficult to implement the process of mixed development. Figure1 shows the vertical mixed-use development were by the building is divided into different zones which have different uses which can be either commercial, residential or either retail etc. In Gaborone we have a quite number of sites where mixed-use development was implemented for example at BBS Mall there is Nando’s then on top of it there is DDT COLLEGE OF MEDICINE which is a private education system for providing with education for medicine so in this example it shows the combination of commercial-civic. Figure 2 shows the CBD in Gaborone where we have mixed land use or mixed-use development.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2 Picture from Knight Frank,;https://www.knightfrank.co.uk/properties/commercial/to-let/zambezi-towers-new-cbd-gaborone/bwzbt01;
The first barrier is that it is costly to fund the process of mixed used development which very difficult. These will demand a lot of revenue or capital from the government and the other involved stakeholders and also the government will have to use a lot of money for example like paying the people involved into the process like the planners, architects, urban designers, local authorities etc… Furthermore, the project itself will demand a lot money again as to pay the constructors, contractors and also the materials it is a multi-million project so it will be difficult for the government to really implement many of these projects of mixed-use development which might cost the economy of the country to go down or reduce. It is stated from (PLANNING TANK, n.d;.https://www.planningtank.com/planning-techniques/mixed-use-development ;that ”The most important barrier is the financing of this projects which are more complicated than the project itself.”
As another barrier it is stated (Complete communities, n.d. ; HYPERLINK “https://www.completecommunitiesde.org/planning/landuse/challenges-success-mixed-used” https://www.completecommunitiesde.org/planning/landuse/challenges-success-mixed-used;”insufficient knowledge of available public and private benefits”. This means that the people do not know the importance of mixed-use development so this makes it difficult for it to be implemented for example if the business people and other stakeholders in the economy of the country or in Gaborone are not well equipped with the information about the positive outcomes or impacts of mixed-use development this means that they will be a few of these projects coming up in the city.

The third barrier also from Complete Communities, n.d. ; https://www.completecommunitiesde.org/planning/landuse/challenges-success-mixed-used; is environmental issues this include issues like deforestation whereby land is cleared and all the trees are removed. The other environmental issue is that in Gaborone we have game reserve so it will be difficult to find the adequate land which will be used, because Botswana is a tourism relying country part of its most revenue is gained from tourism it would be harder to choose mixed use development over tourism.

SCOTLAND barriers to delivering Mixed use development ;https://www.scotland.gov.uk/socialresearch;Also argues that “Mixed use developments are perceived as more complex and slower to deliver than corresponding single function schemes because of the complexity of negotiating the planning and technical approvals stages.” This is a barrier also because now people will tend not to engage in this process as it is seen as a slower and composite it would take too much time to deliver, so the government and the communities might reject it.

Another barrier might be that for the deliverance of high quality and very interesting infrastructures it would need to have the very of highly skilled professional to do it and implement which are mostly foreigners, so then this might demand a lot of money again .it is stated that Delivering more and higher quality mixed use development will require relevant skills development in the public, private and third sectors. In Botswana there is high shortage of skilled labour who will be the stakeholders in the processes for example urban planners, architects, civil engineers these planning authorities are not well informed with the importance of mix use developments. To cement my point in the report Scotland of barriers to delivering mixed use development; https://www.scotland.gov.uk/socialresearch;it is said that “Delivering more and higher quality mixed use development will require relevant skills development in the public, private and third users.

People should be provided with the knowledge about the benefits of mixed-use development in order for it to be successful when they have the right knowledge it will be easy and they will also take part in the process and approve it as the know its benefits. Mixed use development is very important in our lives it saves the land when many facilities or services are within one site and also it saves time.

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