9 Windows System Operator Essay

Principle: 9 Windows System is a system is a is a simple means of helping users to think in terms of TIME and SPACE.

The basic principle of this system operator is that users have to divides the situation into nine segments. The central box of the nine – “system, present ” is the one we naturally migrate to whenever we are given a problem situation. This system help us to define the problems along with time, and from macro-environment to micro-environment. Our application: We define the existing and predicted problems of folding chairs by 9 Windows System Operator.

The problems include: ?” Sub-system – Before” > ” Super system – Before” These are the problems of the previous stages of folding chair life cycle. We found out that the production cost increase if the folding chairs assembly with many small components, furthermore, because of the large amount of components, the assembly cost and time will increase at the same time. During the transportation, the folding chairs will be damaged easily since they are quite bulky. Also, they are not made by recycling materials so they are not very environmental-friendly.When the folding chairs are sold at the shop, they are bulky and difficult to be stored at the shop, moreover, maybe they are dangerous for children and broken easily by customers’ trials.

?” Sub-system – Present” ; ” Super system – Present” From the central box of the nine – “system, present “, we can define the main existing problems of folding chairs nowadays. We found that they are bulky, heavy, unmovable, and they only have single function. Besides, since most of the folding chairs are hard, designed with a fixed height, and no curve is contained so they are not comfortable for users.Because of above problems, the folding chairs come with further problems to the users in home and office. The problems are listed in ” Super system – Present”. ?” Sub-system – Future” ; ” Super system – Future” The folding chairs are difficult to be degraded when they are abandoned to landfill since most of them are difficult to disassembly and non-recyclable.

From ” Super system – Future”, we found that the chairs have mould easily since they are made by nylon, and the plastic part of the chairs maybe will be deformed and cracked. As the legs of most of the folding chairs are made by metal, they rust easily.


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