Gamification wasbased on the formal

Gamification wasbased on the formal definition by Deterding,et, al. [2], indicating the use of game designelements in non-game context. Game mechanics are constructsof rules and techniques that when employed in gamification is used as buildingblocks for gamified application.

Gamedynamics are the reasons why people are motivated by game mechanics [4].Kiili‘sexperiential gaming model explains how the game design process can interferewith and influence the learning process. This model is based onCsikszentmihalyi‘s Flow model and states that during optimal experience, a personis in such a psychological state where he or she is so involved with the goaldriven activity that nothing else seems to matter. According to the model,learning follows a cyclical process through direct experience in the game worldand the necessary learning activities are both cognitive and behavioral. Themodel consists of a solution loop, an experience loop and a challenge bank.

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Motivation and engagement of the player represent the heart of the model, whichalong with individual and social parameters; lead the player to the solutions.After this phase, solutions are tested in the experience loop, where playershave the ability to control the game and expand their knowledge of the subjectmatter and finally optimize playing strategy. Another important thing is thatthe tempo of the challenges follows the player‘s characteristics, in order toincrease the impact on them. 


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