As the world’s most romantic day is fast approaching, there are several professionals who may not feel comfortable of celebrating it in the office with their colleagues.There is always a pressure to keep things professional in the workplace, even though expressing love and gratitude for the colleagues is important. Following the guideline and the work ethics, the celebration should be strictly platonic, without crossing any lines or making anyone feel uncomfortable.Getting fired from the workplace should be the last thing you may want in your attempt to make your colleagues feel loved. We have a certain guideline that you may like to follow in order to help you maintain a balance between these two pressures while celebrating Valentine’s Day with colleagues,and also the things not to do on the V-Day in the office. The list,while not extensive is based on many personal experiences and observations that can help to avoid embarrassing encounters at work the next day.

Avoid expensive gifts for special and specific people: If you are giving extravagant gifts to your colleagues, it will be like singling out colleagues  and is sure to make you feel awkward. It is sure going to be the talk of everyone else in the office, about a special relation or bond with your colleague.Your colleague may feel less appreciated and loved, and even might hurt the sentiments of your other team members.Just don’t make a big deal about the gift in front of the whole office and , if you are planning something for a colleague whom you have a special rapport with. Ensure not to buy inappropriate gifts for colleagues: Even though it is quite obvious, but it needs to be included in this list. There are many colleagues who don’t follow this and as result of which many strong working relationships have been destroyed by  gifting intimate gifts to one another.Remember, the nature of the gift is a possible indication of feelings of the gift giver, as an example , ‘the world’s best co-worker’ mug shows your appreciation for your colleague in a much more platonic and warm way than by gifting them lingerie.Never go into hiding on Valentine’s Day: Some colleagues in the workplace goes into hiding and refrain from even wishing their colleagues.

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You need to take the Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to start new bondings or an appropriate time for you to build and/or repair relations with colleagues, and help make working with them tons easier.”Wish them a happy Valentine’s day warmly and leverage on this festival of love and companionship to strengthen your friendship and team spirit instead of splurging on gifts. This will be the most inexpensive and safest way of doing so.Please don’t flirt with your colleague and use the day as an excuse to flatter and impress. Flattery should be discouraged as it is the lowest form of wit. It is not appropriate to cosy up to your boss or subordinate by taking them out for dinner or taking pains to gift them what they want for Valentine’s Day.

The whole act will  make you look like a messed up person and your inappropriate act may also put your boss or junior in an uncomfortable situation. It is also advisable to collaborate on a gift with a group of co-workers, if you would like to get your seniors or subordinates a special gift to show your appreciation. There are many ways of doing it like organising staff lunches on Valentine’s Day that will not only get the message across, but is also a effective ways for a team-building session.Remember that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and bond between people, even the people sitting behind their computers everyday. Be wise and use this opportunity to spread the love among the people whom you spend the majority of your time with everyday .Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!Even though we enjoy the time spent with our colleagues, it definitely isn’t a deal to  spend the majority of the Valentine’s Day holiday (if you can call it that) with co-workers instead of loved ones.If you are one of those already annoyed by Cupid’s minions making appearances at the workplace with constant deliveries of flowers and gifts – and the loud, excited talks and discussions  – you’re probably dreading tomorrow even more.

The hype that surrounds February 14 is quite understandable. So, we give you some tips to survive Valentine’s Day in the office:1.  Concentrate on your work!If your office is buzz with an excess of candy and heart-shaped cakes, and chocolates littering your office pantry, then  you eat them before going full-throttle and concentrate on all your pending assignments.

It will not only help your company but will also inspire others around you to roll up their sleeves and get down to the tasks at hand.2. Avoid bringing your love life or lack of it  into the workplaceThere is a line that needs to be drawn to what you can do in a professional setup.

There is no harm in sharing  details of your life with your colleagues, and indulging in what your sweetie has planned for the evening ahead. But exclaiming your excitement loudly to everyone in the office can be annoying  and making a huge deal of gifts received can cause irritation amongst your peers. These tips are also for those without major plans for the day.


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