A cat’s cat trying to draw the attention of a person

A cat’s cat trying to draw the attention of a person. Mustache, a cat needs to move in space All cats without exception adore valerian. Cats do not like sweets, because they do not taste sweet taste. All cats have farsightedness, so it’s hard for them to see objects nearby. Excessive love for cats is called Aylurophilia. The cat sleeps most of the day, and the rest of the time is taken care of. Australia is a country where about 90% of residents have settled in their cat houses. Kittens, as well as small children have milk teeth. The cat is not able to sweat. Only the foot pad is moistened. The cat is the only animal that can survive a fall from a nine-story house. An animal like a cat is very persistent. It can mew without a break for several hours. In case of danger, the cat is able to run at a speed of 48 km / h. The kidneys of the cat are capable of filtering the salt. Thanks to this feature, the animal is able to drink sea water. A kitten is able to see a dream within one week after birth. The nose of the cat is unique, because it has a unique imprint. Growth hormone in the kitten is produced only in a dream. A cat rubs the leg of a person in order to mark it as their territory. A four-footed pet can reduce the risk of a heart attack from the owner. Despite the low social level of IQ, cats are able to solve non-standard tasks. Cows should not give cow’s milk, as many animals are lactose intolerant. For the movement of the ears in the cat responsible for about 20 muscles. An adult animal has 30 teeth. In the Middle Ages, on the Feast of St. John’s Day, the cats were burned at the stake, because they believed that they were involved in black magic. In Australia and the UK, a black cat brings good luck. If a cat does not bury its feces, then it shows aggression towards the owner, letting it be understood that she is not afraid of anything. The cat licked itself, in order to get rid of extraneous smell. The animal is able to recognize the voice of its master, but in most cases ignores it. The most famous litter consisted of 19 kittens, of which only 15 survived. A cat named Stubbs was mayor of the city of Talkitna, which is in Alaska, for 15 years. Every year in Asia, eat about 4 million cats. By the expression of love for man, the cat shows up by raising the tail, being near the master. Experiencing pleasure, the animal spreads out its fingers and draws its claws. Wild cats are not able to lift their tail up. The cat’s body consists of 517 muscles. The skeleton of a cat contains 40 bones more than a human skeleton. A cat lives for an average of 6 years. The temperature of the cat’s body is 38 degrees. The cat hates the smell of tangerines and lemons. The animal is able to determine the mood of a person. During protection, the cat presses the ears to the head. At the time of the attack, the ears move apart. Cats are able to anticipate natural disasters. In case of an earthquake, the animal leaves the building in advance. The cat is capable of bouncing to a height higher than its growth by 5 times. ProAilus is considered the progenitor of cats, which means “first cat”. The animal inhabited the planet 30 million years ago. Only a cat of the breed Turkish Van, loves to swim. Cats can not chew large pieces of meat. This is due to the fact that their jaw can not move sideways. A domestic cat can survive at a temperature of 57 degrees. At the same time, it must have a large amount of water. Every year, about 40,000 people suffer from bites of cats in the United States. The cat is able to turn its ear 180 degrees. Cats prefer to eat foods that have room temperature. The cat can not go down from the tree upside down. This is due to the fact that her claws are slightly curved. In ancient Egypt, for the smuggling of cats, criminals were punished by murder. The Egyptians worshiped the goddess with a cat’s head. The most popular breed is the Persian cat. The oldest breed of cats is Mau. The cat has 12 pairs of mustaches. According to the original work “Cinderella”, the good fairy was a cat. Bunches of wool in the ears protect the animal from directional sound. Flexibility of the spine of the cat is possible due to the presence of 53 vertebrae. The Japanese believe that after death the cat turns into a spirit. In 1871, the first cat show was organized in London. In the US, about 60 million feral cats live. A cat named Blackie, the owner bequeathed $ 18 million. The claws on the front paws are much sharper than the claws on the hind legs. The record holder for the fall is Andy’s cat. After falling from the 16th floor, he remained alive. The cat sharpens its claws on the furniture, because it marks its territory. Bringing home mice, cats show that they do not waste their bread for nothing. Cats love to drink tap water. This is due to the fact that cats love to drink fresh water. When it is difficult for a cat to make a choice, it waves its tail in different directions. Cats have a rough tongue resembling sandpaper. In this language, the animal is easier to lick wool. With age, the color of the cat’s eyes can change. On the front paws of the cat there are 5 fingers, and on the back of all 4. To cope with the Egyptians, Assyrian warriors tied cats to their shields. Defenders of Egypt could not strike the sacred animal. In Japan, a cat is a symbol of a home. The only animal that can not be found on the pages of the bible is a cat. For the first time cats were seen on the territory of Europe in 900 BC. Approximately 95% of people talk with cats. For one minute, the cat does 30 breaths and exhalations. Cats have an unpleasantly closed space. A cat should not be given dog food, since it has few proteins. Cat activity rises in the evening. The cat takes the food out of the bowl, because she does not like it when the food touches the walls of the cup. During illness, the cat hides in a hard-to-reach place. A cat named Kuzya, who lives in Yekaterinburg, defended mice that were left without their mother. Cats use the right paw to work, and the cats to the left. The most expensive cat is Little Nicky. Its cost is 50 thousand dollars. The eyes of a cat are able to see in the dark. Aspirin is a poison for a cat. The male requires 10 times more territory than the female. The weight of the smallest adult cat was 680 grams. The length of the body, the cat named Stewie is 123 centimeters. The cat’s record life expectancy is 39 years. For 1 square centimeter, the cats have 20155 hairs. If the cat lies on its back, it expresses its confidence in the person.


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