A Comparison of Generations Sample Essay

My parents are jerks.

In the eyes of most adolescents their parents might non be coolest people. but back in their premier I’m sure they were something else. In merely one coevals so much has changed which many parents haven’t caught on to yet. Not picking up on new tendencies and manners label them by their kids as jerks.

also-rans or whatever word happens to be hip at the clip. The new tendencies and manners that have changed over the decennaries range anyplace from how adolescents express themselves to the alteration in music. Put honestly. our coevalss are different. but yet at the same clip. likewise.One major alteration that has occurred over the past few decennaries is the manner of music.

The music of today is really diverse. but still has a manner different than that of my parents. The wordss of vocals presents are wholly different from the wordss of vocals that my parents listened to. One of the most noticeable alterations in wordss is the usage of profanity.

The wordss of today have many more cuss words in them. For case. ABBA’s vocal.

“Dancing Queen” was really popular during the 1970ss. Harmonizing to Lyrics. com.“…Friday dark and the visible radiations are lowLooking out for the topographic point to travelWhere they play the right music. acquiring in the swingYou come in to look for a KingAnybody could be that catMarini 2Night is immature and the music’s highWith a spot of stone music. everything is all rightYou’re in the temper for a dance…” ( Lyrics. com )Lyrics of today’s coevals are really different. An illustration being Ice Cube’s.

“You Can Make It” . Harmonizing to A-Zlyrics. com.

“…We be clubbing till the twenty-four hours we dieNigga ask the barman if you think we lieBut if you think we high. nigga think once more…You can make it set your dorsum into itI can make it set your buttocks into it…” ( A-Zlyrics. com )Both of these have to make with dance in that they talk about traveling to a dance nine and holding merriment. believe it or non ; they merely show it with much different vocabulary. As you can see.

music wordss have changed greatly over the past few decennaries. On the other manus. wordss so and now frequently both are about the same topic. such as dancing. But. how the vocals are worded.

now that’s a different narrative.Another drastic alteration that has occurred over recent decennaries is the manner adolescents express themselves. Back during my parent’s coevals. adolescents expressed themselves by turning their hair truly long and by acquiring the occasional tattoo. Nowadays. adolescents express themselves by piercing every opening they can happen. It’s rather interesting to inquire people how many piercings they have. I’ve gotten “six” before.

but I’ve merely noticed two. I try non to conceive of where the others might be. Back so.

many soldiers got tattoos to mean which platoon or battalion they were in. Everyone seems to be acquiring them now. Whether It’s for the art. to mean something. or merely to “be cool” . Whether its tattoos or piercings. my parent’s coevals and my coevals still seem to arise and happen hideous ways of adorning their organic structures to make it.The workplace is a topographic point where the two coevalss collide.

There are people of my coevals working with people from the baby-boomer coevals. Shelley D. Coolidge explains in her article that the older workers tell the younger workers that they need to be much more patient and relax. while on the other manus. the younger workers find mistake in their older coworkers in that they are undecorated ( pg.

11 ) .Dan King says of the Baby-Boom coevals ( my parent’s coevals ) that. ” You are… influenced by the indulgence of Beaver Cleaver. the can-do optimism of JFK and the hope of the post-World War II American Dream. But the intense societal and political turbulence of Vietnam. Watergate and Woodstock led you to arise against conformance and to carve a perfectionist life style based on personal values and religious growing. Rocked by old ages of reorganising. reengineering and relentless alteration.

you long to stabilise your calling. ” What Dan King means is that their ( my parents ) coevals were stable and in a apparently perfect universe as immature individuals. but so the sixties and 70s shook society and they have longed to retrieve from it. He besides says of our coevals that “You’re the one time omnipresent ‘baby on board. ’ the donee of a recoil against hands-off parenting and a cultural lift of stay-at-home-moms. Coming of age during a displacement toward virtuousness and values. you’ve set your sights on meaningful.

purposeful ends.Your work ethic resembles that of your grandparents who welcomed authorization. In seeking personal and professional fulfilment. you have adopted a positive can-do attitude that characterizes your work ethic. ” ( 3 ) King says of my coevals that we are the merchandise of a new civilization and that we are most like our grandparent’s coevals in our work ethic. Society has changed so much from my parent’s coevals to my coevals. nevertheless.

My coevals still borrows the same basic thoughts. like arising against society. and speaking about the same topic in a vocal.

Even though both coevalss seem to conflict in the workplace. they still seem to be able to set differences aside and work together. In malice of this. my coevals is still really different from that of my parents. We like to label everything our parents listened to or have on as “stupid” and “un-cool” . but in world. are we merely being dissemblers?Mentions:Lyrics.

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