A Critique of a health promotion tool Essay

The intent of this essay is to critically analyze a wellness instruction resource. to demo cognition and apprehension of the usage of wellness behavior theoretical accounts and to understand the construct of wellness publicity. The wellness instruction resource chosen by the writer is presented in the signifier of a cusp advancing chest consciousness. Health publicity is “any planned combination of educational. political.

environmental. regulative. or organizational mechanisms that support actions and conditions of populating conductive to the wellness of persons. groups and communities” .

( Joint Committee. 2001. p. 101 ) . The intent of wellness publicity is to promote the acceptance of “healthy” behaviors. Health publicity is made up of 3 chief constructs. which are Health instruction. Health protection and Prevention of disease.

these besides referred to as the wellness three. There are many factors which may impact the execution of wellness publicity. these are: educational background. sociocultural contexts.

demographic place. attitudes. behavior. socioeconomic groups and beliefs.Health publicity is besides cost good.

although it appears to be money. society saves money in the long tally because intervention costs more than disease bar. wellness protection and wellness instruction. Even though wellness publicity was being practiced in the eighteenth century. the most relevant alterations have occurred in the past 20 old ages.

this is chiefly due to a alteration in the accent of wellness attention. Health become more about bar of unwellness instead than intervention in the early 1980’s. this paradigm displacement in accent is straight related to be benefits from wellness publicity and the alteration of duty for wellness onto the person instead than the constitution ( Health professionals ) . Health has been defined as: “a province of complete physical. mental and societal well-being and simply the absence of disease or infirmity” . Health consists of five dimensions.

which are: Physical wellness. Emotional wellness. Social wellness. Mental wellness and Spiritual wellness.Main BodyHealth publicity is a cardinal constituent of the wellness attention systems. The wellness publicity relies on the wellness three theoretical account. which consists of 3main spheres as mentioned above in the debut.

The writer will now travel into more item about these three spheres. Health instruction – All facets of positive wellness instruction are comprised in the sphere. This includes assisting persons. groups or communities develop positive wellness impute.

such as self-pride and life accomplishments by act uponing behavior ( Butler. 2001 ) .Health Protection – This sphere focuses on the addition of positive wellness and the bar of sick wellness. It besides comprises ordinances and policies ( Downie et al 1998 ) .Disease Prevention – Planning and measures taken to halt disease or wellness jobs before wellness event occur.

This sphere is split into three degrees of bar: primary. secondary and third. Primary bar – seeks to halt the oncoming of unwellness or hurt during the pre-pathogenesis period.Secondary bar steps leads to early diagnosing therefore intervention can be carried out quickly to forestall more terrible pathogenesis.Third bar steps focus on the rehabilitation following important pathogenesis. the function of third bar is to restrict the affects of the pathogenesis has on individual’s lives ( Cottrell et al 2002 ) .A theoretical account is a model used as a tool in wellness publicity to be after actions.

Health behavior is the focal point of wellness publicity theoretical accounts. is to advance wellness successfully the theoretical accounts purpose is to advance a alteration in the persons behaviours or to follow new behaviors. Behaviors are modified by a figure of internal and external factors. such as demographic variables e. g. gender. age. socio-psychological variables e.

g. personality. societal category and structural variables e. g. Knowledge about disease ( Butler. 2001 ) . There are legion theoretical accounts used in wellness publicity but the writer is traveling to concentrate on 3 of these theoretical accounts.

The first theoretical account the writer is traveling to look at is “The Health Belief Model” ( HBM ) . The HBM is one the first behavioral alteration theoretical accounts to be developed ; it is one of the most influential attacks to explicating wellness related behavior.The HBM is a theoretical account of knowledge.

based on the forecasters and precursors to wellness behaviors. Changes in behavior are dependent on 5 factors – Perceived badness – cues to action. the belief that a wellness job is serious. Perceived menace – susceptibleness. the belief that one is susceptible to a job. Perceived benefit – the belief that altering one’s behaviors will cut down the menace. Perceived barriers – a perceptual experience of the obstacles/costs of altering one’s behavior.

self efficacy – the belief that one has the ability to alter one’s behavior ( Butler. 2001 ) . This theoretical account is most normally utilized in primary and secondary bars such as chest showing. testicular scrutiny.

cervical vilifications and the prostate malignant neoplastic disease testing to call a few ( Pender et al 2002 ) .The 2nd theoretical account the writer is traveling to look at is the Transtheoretical Model. This theoretical account is besides referred to as the Stages of Change Model.

In this theoretical account behavior alteration is viewed as a procedure which concentrates on the individual’s preparedness to alter. The difference with this specific theoretical account is that it is a cyclical procedure. Client’s frequently drop out of the intercessions but may subsequently re-enter where they left off or instead return to the initial phases. Harmonizing to this theoretical account the are 5 phases of alteration: Pre-contemplation – non believing about altering behavior.

Contemplation – believing about altering behavior in the close hereafter. determination – doing a program to alter behavior. Maintenance – continuance of behaviour alteration.

This theoretical account is most normally associated with secondary bar such as smoke. alcohol addiction. drugs abuse. Exercise and dietetic alteration ( Butler 2001 ) . The 3rd and concluding theoretical account the writer is traveling to look at is the Diagram of Reasoned Action ( Appendix 1 ) which interlinks with the diagram of theory of Planned Behaviour ( TPB ) ( Appendix 2 ) .

The above theoretical accounts consist of attitudes towards the behavior. subjective norms. purpose and behavior but the TBP besides includes sensed behavioral control. The intent of both of these models is non to analyze behaviour itself but to analyze attitudes towards behaviors. These theoretical accounts are most normally associated with primary and third bars. primary bars such as immunization.

contraceptive method and nutrition. third bars such as smoking surcease. Coronary Heart Disease ( CHD ) Human Immuno Deficiency Virus ( HIV ) Auto Immune Disease Syndrome ( AIDS ) ( Cottrell. 2002 ) . In the United Kingdom ( UK ) about 1 in 12 adult females will develop chest malignant neoplastic disease at some clip in their lives. There are 25. 000 new instances and 15. 000 deceases due to breast malignant neoplastic disease yearly ; about one per centum of chest malignant neoplastic disease incidence occurs in work forces.

The chief hazard factors associated with chest malignant neoplastic disease are as follows: Family history. increasing age. late climacteric. first kid after 30 old ages of age. nuliparity ( no gestations ) . societal category ( this is the most important hazard factor ) . and geographical location ( e.

g. UK has higher mortality than Japan ) . Other factors which are under rating are. emphasis. high intoxicant consumption and high – fat diet. ( Alexander et al 2000 ) . The incidence of chest malignant neoplastic disease in adult females really seldom falls below the age of 35 old ages. rates being to increase steadily from so.

impacting over 300 of 100. 000 of the population by the clip adult females reach the age of 85 old ages. The greatest Numberss of adult females are diagnosed between the ages of 45 and 65 old ages of age.

Breast malignant neoplastic disease in work forces is about ever detected beyond the age of 65 old ages ( Alexander et al 2000 ) . As a demand of this wellness publicity essay the writer HAs chosen a chest consciousness cusp to critically analyze. When critically analyzing a wellness publicity resource. there are 5 of import points to see: links – The stuff should incorporate obvious and direct links to the treatment.

Intelligibility – The stuff Should be apprehensible and a sensible acquisition resource. the usage of complex linguistic communication and over long sentences or statements should be avoided to keep concentration. print size should be of a sensible size to forestall audience squinching to read the text and the fount besides should be pick with attention such as sans seril ( e. g. Ariel ) usage of images and diagrams.

Colours should besides be appropriate to the topic e. g. discreet topic. field impersonal colorss.

should be chosen. General manner – manner of the stuff should stay consistent to avoid distractions. Foregrounding – This is a utile manner of underscoring of import points. Some methods of foregrounding are bold text. underlining. altering coloring material of the text.

shaded country of importance.Targeting – This is taking at the mark audience e. g. age. gender.

In relation to the cusp the writer is traveling to critically analyze the cusp utilizing the 5 points above. : Linkss – All points of the treatment mentioned in the cusp were relevant to breast consciousness. Intelligility – simple linguistic communication is used throughout the cusp although sentences so be given to be long winded/ Print size is of a reasonably clear size. the founts is sensible and consistent. two images are included in the cusps but the audience would hold benefited more from diagrams as the images were non self explanatory. the forepart screen is appealing to the oculus ( see Appendix ) and relevant to the topic.

the background is violet which fades in signifier the top to the underside and the pink thread which is the motive for the chest malignant neoplastic disease this make the cusp automatically recognizable to a individual who was looking for a cusp on this subject. yet non needfully noticed by person who isn’t.Breast consciousness is printed in white. with reasonably big print size and an acceptable if muted fount.

The front screen specifies the chief intent of the cusp is to supply information and support ; there is besides a clear indicant of who is advancing this larning resource. General manner – The manner and format of the cusp is consistent from start to complete. Foregrounding – Highlighting was used throughout the cusp to find headers and subheadings this was achieved by altering the print coloring material to purple. Shading was besides used to foreground of import points. Targeting – The mark audience of this larning resource is adult females. although work forces are briefly mentioned.

The writer feels that the cusp would most probably be aiming adult females from rather a immature age as it is a precautional action so the quicker version to new behaviors are absorbed the earlier the single becomes familiar the there ain chest and what normal form them.


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