A Curated Wardrobe Essay

For a long time it was completely the opposite: a big wardrobe full of many clothes meant luxury and wealth. People who had big wardrobes were often very rich. This became a point of envy and dream for every poor person, the dream to have a huge wardrobe filled with the latest trends.

Nowadays things don’t work that way anymore.

Over the past years the fashion industry became able to produce more fashionable clothes and accessories than ever. The world’s biggest fashion houses show their next collections six months in advance and because of technological changes, people are capable of purchasing their desirable clothes without waiting six months for them to hit the stores. It was fast fashion. Good looking fashion. Affordable fashion.

Affordable fashion brands have spread all over the world opening more and more stores where ever they go. Like Zara and H&M for example. This made the dream of owning a big wardrobe filled with fashion trends a piece of cake. Nowadays having a big wardrobe became very common and uninteresting making it loose its sense of luxury, for luxury is the opposite of commonplace. It is not just available to everyone. It is everyone. And a fashioniser, the world’s fashion forwards who make stylish socializing their hallmark and understand that fashion is a projection of where they’re going in life, never wants to be everyone.

The new luxury is a small wardrobe. Not necessarily filled with expensive clothes from top brands. The thing about a small wardrobe is that to own a small wardrobe and still look stylish means that you actually do have style because you have a few pieces that still are very unique and stand out especially when you wear them in the correct combination. Just like how art galleries are curated. Art galleries have access to a lot of art but choose only a few to display. Curation is a skill. Removing all that average pieces from your wardrobe makes you your own curators.

When you own a curated wardrobe, you won’t need to stare every time you’re going out at it trying to choose the right outfit for the event. The pieces always work. As I said before, they don’t need to be of high quality or from expensive brands, for the pieces always work most of the time together making dressing up effortless and relieving. So if you own one of those big wardrobes filled with many average clothes here and there and still manage to say “I don’t know what to wear.” Then I suggest you start working on your curated wardrobe no matter how hard the task is, believe me it’s worth it all. A chance to be unique, luxurious and brilliantly stylish every day.


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