A Description of a Lonely Place Essay

Here I am, in the car on the way to my cousin’s house. It is my first visit because she had just recently moved there. The journey is really freaky and petrifying because it is night-time and the only thing that gives out light is the full moon. I am nearly there just a few miles to go.

When I arrive I go inside. I take a tour of the house and it seems scary to me because it is really grand with high ceilings long corridors and the rooms are large and deserted. The lights are so dim it makes the house seem secluded. The stairs creak like an old brigde over a muddy swamp with smoke rising from it. That night when I try to sleep in the lounge on the soft springy sofa. I hear so many eerie sounds that my sleep escapes me because I fear that there is a ghostly presence nearby.

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I get up to take a look outside the window. I see a lake, the lake is as still as a cold winter’s night in a graveyard. I open the door and go outside and I smell the clean fresh air. There is no other house within site, just this one. The place seems haunted to me. I see a huge solitary tree in front of the house, it looks as old as time itself. There is an owl perching on one of the old branches of the tree. This owl seems to be staring directly at me and I am feeling quite fearful now. I turn my head to look back at the lake, it reminds me of a lake that looked so still and calm like this one when my sister drowned a long time ago.

It all started when I was playing with my sister one evening and I was chasing her near the lake. At that time she was not looking where she was running because she kept turning back to see if I was still there, she just toppled into the lake. When she landed the frozen ice cracked and formed a spider’s web around her, Then the ice started breaking up into large fragments. I couldn’t do anything because nobody else was there and she was floating on the surface with her head in the water I was calling her but she wasn’t responding I realised it was too late to save her now.


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