A Description of Education System in China Essay

The education system has become one of the most talked-about issues in China. A growing number of students and parents have claimed that they detest such a system and prefer studying abroad. However, numerous experts still argue that the current system should be remained for decades. This essay aims to describe the system in the following paragraphs. The Nine-year Compulsory Education is the most important policy of Chinese education system.

More precisely, education is compulsory for all children aged from 7 to 16 in the nation.Mere home schooling for children is not acceptable and Distance education cannot be available until tertiary-level education. This policy guarantees those children that have grown up in poverty an opportunity to promote their literacy. It is undeniable that the system has been characterized by rote learning. All the contents in the textbooks are considered absolutely right and no one is supposed to raise doubts. Students are expected to write down the exact expressions from the textbooks to prevent from losing marks. Consequently, students are treated as passive receptacles of predigested ideas instead of critical learners.Notwithstanding, Chinese students are constantly praised for their solid foundation of mathematical skills and scientific theoretical knowledge.

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Moreover, seldom does the general public consider most of the on-campus students as nerds but curious and creative learners who would not have their creativity stifled and interests dampened under any circumstance. It is widely acknowledged that the National College Entrance Examination, also known as Gaokao, is the only chance for most of the senior 3 students to enter their coveted colleges.This competition is so stiff that only a small portion of the candidates may be enrolled in universities. In order to achieve this, Chinese students from primary and secondary schools tend to be very dedicated and preserving in study. Being buried by textbooks and homework, a large number of students lead a sedentary lifestyle and even sacrifice their meals, sleep and pastimes to enhance their academic performance.

Sadly, it is reported that lack of sleep and physical inactivity are threatening to their mental well-being.Although the current system is being criticized severely for the teaching method and too much pressure generated from Gaokao, I still believe that the system has to exist for several years because it is impossible to adjust the system to suit every student in a short period of time. Besides, an increasing number of teachers are tending to encourage their students to think critically and incorporate meaningful and associative learning in the class while teaching them test-taking skills. Inevitably, the system will be improved gradually by forceful reforming.


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