A design of the promotional gift Essay

Good forenoon.

ladies and gentlemen. I’m Jackie Lee. interior decorator of a company. Thank you for giving me an chance to take part in this competition to present my promotional gift design. The end of my presentation is to present my promotional gift design. silicone ticker.

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which is for my company. First. I will present my company background and the ground of why I have a making to take part of this competition. Next. I would wish to speak about why my design can hold the market value. Then. I would wish to depict the characteristic and benefits of my design.

and explicate how make my design can advance my company concern. Finally. I will hold a inquiry and reply. I would wish to get down with some background information. My company is a big corporation which is with many concerns and the concern of my company are chiefly develop some advanced and engineering merchandises. As last clip I have designed a new silicone ticker to be my company’s promotional gift. After this. we have received many positive remark from our clients.

As the consequence. my company inquire me to fall in this competition to heighten our company popularity.As you all know. ready-made gift in the market are non fulfill the dynamic design of tendency. Therefore.

my company design alone company gifts which best to accommodate our clients’ normal demands and life style. The merchandise of this sort of silicone ticker is really popular presents. Many watch company and electronic company are both green goodss and selling the silicone ticker and most of the client are quite involvement of this merchandise because of the long permanent quality and it is practicality. As a consequence I design a alone silicone ticker for our company clients. And this is the design of my silicone ticker.

On my design. I have chosen different colour scope to suit to my merchandise that can allow our client to take their colour which besides represent our company is giving many chooses to our clients.Furthermore. I besides add a rainproof map into the merchandise which can do it long permanent and to show the high professional quality of my company.

And the concluding particular benefit of the design is there are a map can link with your octopus which besides demoing our company engineering and do the client more convenient. After we sent the gift to our client. we received many positive remark of our client and eventually advance the concern of our company efficaciously.


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