A Doll’s House Essay

Have you of all time wondered about the compulsion to hold a absolutely clean house? Some adult females are speckless housekeepers. and they have to work continually because no affair how difficult they work. the house is made dirty once more. Three repasts a twenty-four hours keeps the dishes dirty. people coming from outside keeps the rug dirty. and kiping every dark assures a mussy bed come forenoon. It seems these women’s work is ne’er rewarded by being done. Like these indefatigable housekeepers. the four characters I am about to discourse found their labours gave them small wages.

Othello was a adult male whose baronial character and difficult work had overcome any bias. He was a black Moor. a normally sick treated minority. but his work in the ground forces had earned him a place of importance. His actions had won him plenty respect to be allowed to make the unthinkable. to get married an upper category white adult female. However. it would be this act that would take to his undoing. Loving Desdemona opened up his bosom to jealously and it was through this Iago lead Othello to his ruin.

When Othello forgot to move with his ain good sense and just judgement. he began to undo all he had acquired. He agreed to the decease of Cassio. an guiltless adult male and he murdered a faithful married woman. Finally. he had lost all the high award he earned and chose dishonourable self-destruction. “A Doll’s House. ” gives us a perfect illustration of how Acts of the Apostless of forfeit and love are non ever appreciated by the object of the person’s fondness. Nora was a immature married woman with a deceasing male parent and a mortally sick hubby. She had to happen money to care for her hubby. Torvald. while non upseting her deceasing male parent.

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The lone class she thinks she can take is to hammer her father’s name to the bond which will give her the money to salvage Torvald’s life. She is delighted by her inventiveness. non recognizing she has committed a offense which will come back to stalk her. When her loaner blackmails her. keeping her offense of counterfeit over her caput. she is confused. How could it be a offense to assist the two people she loved? She is merely farther disillusioned by Torvald’s reaction to her folly. to reprobate her to a life without his love and her kids.

The adult male she worked so difficult to salvage dramatis personae her aside as if he hated her ; all her attempts were nil to him. When the blackmail is removed and Torvald ‘forgives’ her. Nora has wised up and leaves him. Possibly her Acts of the Apostless of love in the past weren’t for nil ; they woke her up to the world of her life. Willy Loman from “A Death of a Salesman. ” is a character who can non neglect to arouse commiseration. He worked a ungrateful occupation all his life. merely to happen himself non genuinely wanted or needed in the company he had spend so many old ages with as an loyal employee.

He had worked to raise two boies. but the boies he raised were both fighting. Neither had a great occupation nor had accomplished anything. Biff had even been in gaol. Worse. they had no love for the male parent who was yielding to dementia but go on to work for his household. They even deny he is their male parent and leave him baffled and entirely in a eating house ; his old ages of work for them deserving nil. In the terminal. Willy kills himself. his last ideas of his household. Amanda in “A Glass Menagerie” is a adult female who dedicated her whole life to her two kids. Tom and Laura. after her hubby leaves her.

All she wants is the best for them. but Tom is resentful he has to work at a humble occupation to assist financially and Laura is unable to work in society. even to the point of completing a typing category so she can work every bit good. Amanda. desperate. makes one concluding base. She has Tom bring place a immature adult male for Laura to run into and possibly marry. but it ends severely. Angry at his female parent for her intervention in his life. Tom abandons the household and Amanda is left with a hermit girl and small agencies to be given to her. All her attempt to raise her kids and procure them happiness are a failure.


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