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There has been ever considerable treatment about connexion between great leaders and good followings. It is said that in order to be a good leader individual should be a good follower. In my point of. a good leader is the individual who besides has been a good follower. individual who has proven oneself ability to follow the instructions. who can repress one’s will to the will of others who has undertaken the duty of leading. able to do constructive remarks and argument issues when necessary and able to stand up for the rules in which one believes. The individual who can pull off to execute approximately mentioned missions can be called a good follower.

However. it does non intend all good followings become ever good leaders. There are some people who are amazing as choir vocalists but atrocious as choir managers. There are many great followings who are non good leaders. However. it should be noted that good leaders and good followings normally posses the same features and duties which may be the chief ground for sing an sentiment that a good leaders besides obliged to be a good follower. Leaders the 1s who have brought our life many alterations. do differences and do our life more interesting and synergistic. But. if there were non followings at that place would non be a good leader. as. followings the most indispensable assets of a good leader.

1. Some people understand a leader merely as person whom people can follow or as person who guides or directs others. while others define leader as a individual who affects a group of people towards the accomplishment of a end. With respect to follower. follower is a individual who follows another`s instructions and belief. one who admits the bid. counsel and leading of another 1 ( World Wide Web. vtaide. com ) . Some held construct that to be a good leader you ought to be a good follower. In order to be a leader. a individual at first should larn how to be a good follower. Initially. bulk of great leaders followed in the footfalls of other good leaders and utilised preparation to accomplish their leading ends. In order to hold followings. a good leader must hold ability to grok his or her followings and what the followings desire from the leader. And. the best manner to implement it. the leader should be a good follower.

As. rich people normally can non understand hapless people`s status. if merely the rich did non see the poorness in their ain life. The hapless people can grok each other better because they have similar jobs. Furthermore. we are all followings in some domains of our lives. And in this instance. we can obtain some indispensable qualities and accomplishments which help us to go a good leader. The ground for this is developing which considered as a powerful tool in order to pull one’s vision to higher sights. increasing their public presentation to a higher criterion. and organizing a personality beyond its usual restrictions to its full potency. For case. in the history. the Apostle Peter had made a batch of errors before he followed Jesus. After following Jesus for three old ages Apostle Peter and his fellow-disciples “turned the universe top down” ( John C. Maxwell. 1998 ) Besides. leaders and followings divide some features.

2. These are the undermentioned qualities:


Ñurrently. leàders have to cognize about different audiences including board members. clients. coworkers. co-workers. and the audience on the whole. You oblige to cognize what it tàkes to convey them àlong. if you desire to be good a leader. In order to be a follower you should educate yourself how to be witting of the demands of public every bit good as their possible to “make one`s life snake pit from one second to the next” ( Barbarra Kellerman ) . Good followings study to read public and grok what distresses and stimulates them.


When good followings run into a colleague with frenetic political beliefs or an violative director. they are possibly non traveling to fight every battle. To take portion in a place of the follower is less hazardous. easier. and frequently simpler. Good followings observe how to manage with those who possess unsimilarities while non ignoring those differences. That is an indispensable leading characteristic. for the ground that a director or leader can non afford to be unconscious to the dealingss of those people who surrounds him or her ( World Wide Web. success. bz ) .


Bing a good follower indicates having the courage to differ if you believe your director. superior or leader is moving something falsely. That is ever complicated. but it demands the strength of belief which is really indispensable to good leading. Bing a good leader is complex in methods that are instead likewise to being a good follower. It means paying attending. being engaged. holding the courage to shout out when something is non proper manner. Besides. it means possessing the power and activity to promote a leader or director who is implementing things sagely and good.


In many instances. the leader influences if and how the ends are accomplished while followings are able to implement or interrupt. Even though the leader may have most of the recognition. in many concern sectors. followings are the people who are moving much of the originative work. Leaderships who have been good followings comprehend how to work with people who can assist to convey out the good plenty in them. One of great leader said that “Was it the inventive collective of squad members at Apple. or did Steve Jobs truly invent the iPod and iPhone? Presently. leaders may be reckoned up non merely by how much is accomplished or produced. but by the quality of its members and the squad or organization” ( Ronald E. Riggio ) .

Critical Thinking

You need to be able to believe for yourself. in order to be a good follower. The best followings encourage and assist the leader when he or she is moving the right thing. and stand up to the leader when he or she is directed in the incorrect way. Many of the same qualities that we are enraptured with leaders competency. motive. intelligence-are similar features that we desire in the really best followings ( World Wide Web. lifehack. org ) . Besides. leaders. in malice of their grade. they besides must follow.

3. Even though. leaders and followings portion the same qualities. besides. there is still much unsimilarity between them. Leader has to be isolated and independent in order to trust on himself. A bright illustration of this can be seen in the book called “Ender`s game”Ender had been isolated in order to do him fight. That was the lone manner he would of all time hold been otherwise. Furthermore. it made him untrusting. angry. strong and lonely. But. possibly these qualities made him a better soldier” ( michaelhyatt. com ) . . Leader is normally the individual who is being relied on his followings. Followings merely must be efficient during the battle. They have to be capable to implement the bids by their leader. with ain accomplishments. In other instances. it is non so indispensable to be that competent. They could inquire assistance from their leader or friends. But. leaders. can non inquire for assistance from his followings because. otherwise his followings may see him incompetent.

Bing a leader is non every bit easy as being a follower. Leaderships illustrate ingeniousness ; when they have a general clasp for a undertaking they can strategically put out the most appropriate manner to make the concluding end while followings require measure by measure direction and anticipate way to follow by the leader. They need regular blessing and warrant. in instance. something goes incorrect. Leaderships are non content with merely anticipating for the following measure because they are really active. They disdain inaction and when there is deficiency of advancement. They are motivated by repressing any obstructions in their manner and accept duty. With respect to followings. they escape from amenableness and would prefer when person else is “amenable” alternatively of them. Besides. they agree with inactivity every bit long as a leader does non actuate them to transport out the aims. When followings normally experience obstructions in certain sort of work. they are non capable to pull off with them entirely.

Leader is the 1 who can assist to a follower how to manage with troubles. Leaderships are non afraid of a strong sense of anxiousness or fright ; on the contrary they prosper on it. They show that they have ability to pull off with everything and really speedy in doing determinations. They attack fright and undertake it head on and demo it who the foreman is. With mention to followings. when they have to do a determination. they normally feel fright which causes to get away from a challenge without any existent excuse. Because they try seldom to do something new and they are non capable to put on the line ( Dale Carnegie. 2010 ) . Followings disdain any changes and effort to avoid them. Leaderships are pioneers and intuitive so they accept alterations. Furthermore. they are cognizant that sometimes it is possible that some alterations can be really good and may assist people to accomplish their aims every bit good as bettering and booming their experiences excessively.

4. Like many traits of the outstanding people. being a good leader is an elusive feature and really complicated to depict. Many people have different construct of a great leader. But. in my position. a good leader is the individual who. foremost of all. has ability to do impossible things possible in order to be distinguished from other people and his followings. Besides. a leader needs to grok what aims and intents are to be accomplished and needs to lodge to those aims and intents and by ne’er compromising with the truth. Even though. there are times when leader may hold to give a small. flex a small. but he should ever hold a clear vision of the concluding aim that he and his followings have wish to accomplish. He must concentrate wholly and wholly to achieving the purpose. by non allowing himself to be diverted. inactive. complaisant and negligent ( World Wide Web. fastcompany. com ) . In order to be a good leader. I would seek to be quicker to measure and knock myself in order that I may profit from my personal soul-searching and amend myself invariably and seek to non to be hurry to judge others.

A good leader has to listen to constructive comment and must hear blunt ailments and think up them with good unfavorable judgment in order to appeal that which is affirmatory and positive to the accomplishment of the aims to which I am dedicated. If. I were a leader the first thing I would make is analysing the purpose which is needed to accomplish and set uping everything in proper manner. Analyzing includes non merely happening out the ends. but. it besides comprises followings or people who will work with you and what is the best appropriate method to achieve the end with the aid of your squad. When you analyze your followings. you will be cognizant what they desire and which qualities and abilities they have and how to assist them to get the better of and turn their failings into the strength in order to accomplish common ends.

Furthermore. it is vitally indispensable to work out and develop a scheme in order to achieve aims with a aid of your squad and happen out your concur rents and enemies and how to get the better of them so as to go more powerful and successful. A bright illustration of a great leader that I would wish to take is Alan Mulally who is CEO of Ford Motor Corporation and besides has taken the 3rd topographic point in the list of Great leaders in the universe ( Fortune Magazine. 2014 ) . He says that “One of the most indispensable undertakings of the leader’s work is escalating the procedure we are using to achieve our aims. Furthermore. it is non merely the manner of merely inquiring. “How are we making? ” It is necessitating. “How are we executing against the undertaking? What are the domains that demands peculiar attending? At the terminal of the twelvemonth. what schemes have we worked out to better our fulfilment in following twelvemonth? ” ( Rirk Kinkland. McKinsey Publishing 2013 ) . 5. Some cardinal qualities that I would wish to possess and implement. if I were a leader are the undermentioned: Honesty and Responsibility

An indispensable and footing component of a great leader is honesty. Your concern and followings are a contemplation of yourself. and if you are honorable and act yourself ethically it will be a cardinal value for your followings to follow suit. Furthermore. if you are non honest. responsible and dependable individual you will non hold people who will follow you. So. if your colleagues and followings do non swear you. it is impossible to be a leader. It is really of import for the people who will follow you to be certain that they can trust on you and that you maintain your promises. Besides. the good leader should be dedicated towards his or her occupation because it shows that you feel duty. However. a good leader besides must distinguish the people and followings whom he can swear in order non to be certain that his followings will ever back up him during achieving the ends. Communication

Good communicating accomplishments aid the leader to pass on easy and to portion thoughts or exchange with sentiments with his followings. Besides. it is of import to evade misconstruing in an organisation because cognizing what you desire to be implemented might look transparent in your caput. but if you try to clear up it to somebody else and it may be comprehended in a different manner which may do to a job. So. being capable to compactly and clearly depict what you want to be accomplished is vitally indispensable. Besides. a leader should possess this trait to pass on with his client with assorted backgrounds. Vision

Bing a great leader besides includes possessing and developing vision. It means holding “vision” to calculate the hereafter as if it were already here. A bright illustration can be Steve Job. who frequently performed this. He created a crystalline image in heads of people how a new end product would change the universe — before even it was launched. He had ability to do worlds excited about the hereafter which he imagined in his head. Good leaders must develop the endowment of vision in them every bit good as in followings to promote them to be better in those accomplishments which they possess. It helps to perpetrate inventions and achieve common ends.

Positive Attitude

A good leader should hold a positive thought and attitude in order to excite assurance and get interior strength. It is indispensable to retrieve. that confident and unagitated leader is a good illustration for his followings to experience the same. Besides. a great leader must actuate his followings and people around. If your followings feel felicity and are motivated. there are more opportunities to make the best accomplishments and traveling in front. Besides. a good leader must be capable to work out job and happen the solution to every job which he encounters in life and non avoid it. And. it is normally easier to happen solution to the job when you are unagitated. confident and have positive mentality.


By manner of decision. it can be marked that being a leader is more complicated than many people expect it. Bing leader requires many attempts. difficult work and a plentifulness of affirmatory traits which hare complex to achieve. With respect to followings. it is easier to be a follower instead than being a leader. Even though. followings and leaders portion similar qualities. non every good follower can go a good leader because there are many differences every bit good. One of the chief differences between them is duty.

Leaderships oblige to be responsible non merely for their actions. but. every bit good as they must be responsible for workss of their followings. Furthermore. leaders are braver. originative and more inclined to put on the line. Peoples who try to avoid challenges are better to be followings than being a leader of a group of people. I think every leader must ever larn in order to be really smart and seek to obtain more cognition and experience in different sort of domains. But. the chief undertaking of leaders to assist people to accomplish common ends and direct his followings. Besides. leaders have to ever seek to be a great individual who can alter the universe to the positive side and do it better.

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