A Life in the Day of Isabella Cassidy Essay

It all started at approximately 7. 30 that morning. The room was dark and tranquil when suddenly I heard a loud piercing buzz in my ear. After just lying there drifting in and out of consciousness I realised it was my alarm next to me. As I began to wake up the thoughts in my head were just bouncing around, I just couldn’t make any sense of them. Maybe it was because I hadn’t really awoken fully yet or maybe it was that I didn’t want to even contemplate what they were, as they were probably about school or something like that. After a while of considering my options I realised that I should really get up because I’m going to be late!!

As I got dressed I started looking forward to going back to school. I wasn’t looking forward to the school part just the ‘being reunited with my friend’s’ part. I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of the holiday. Well I had but not all at the same time. I suppose I’d seen Lea and Bex the most in the holiday because they are my closest friends. I had missed being with them all in the holiday. We all have so much fun together laughing and joking. You know the normal friends stuff. I’d missed having our girlie gossips and our bickers. So my friends mean a lot to me.

They are always there for me through the good times and the bad and I can always count on them. They are all just so beautiful in their own special ways. I love them all to bits! I arrived in our new tutor room to find that Jo and Bex are sitting next to each other and so I have nobody to sit next to. Katy asked me to sit next to her so that’s okay. Our new tutor, Mr Harris started to discuss the same things we hear every year about planners and timetables etc. It’s basically just really boring stuff that I’ve heard every year on the first day for like four years now, so it’s like I don’t need to hear it again.

I’ve missed period one because of all the briefing business so I’ve got French with Mrs Smith. She’s so boring. She’s the kind of teacher that tries to be funny and tries to make French fun?!? Like that’s possible! You know the type, but it makes it even worse, you just want to cringe. We’re just covering the usual things like re-capping the ‘er’ verbs thing that I’ve done so many times but I still cant remember it so I suppose it’s a good thing to do it again. One time it might actually stay in my head. The noise of the bell is always a good sign in a lesson like French because it signals you can go.

So I grabbed my new O’Neill bag, (love O’Neill! Lees and I are the O’Neilly twin’s hehehe) shoved my O’Neill pencil case and my book in the front pocket and pushed my way through the crowds to get out. It’s break time! On the way up the path lea and I have another girlie gossip. Lea fills me in on her weekend with Tristan, (her boyfriend) and I tell her about my weekend at Steph’s. We’ve come to an agreement that the weekends and holidays are going to be the only thing to look forward to from now on as we are back at school.

Unless they are taken up with homework that is, which is the very likely thing to happen but anyway. Mrs Salmon greets us on the way into English as usual. At least that’s not another new teacher I have to get to know. I had her last year for English, she’s a lovely teacher and she is willing to help you if you don’t understand something. So that’s another thing I don’t have to worry about. I sat down in our usual seats from last year which I’m sure by now you can guess are the back. It’s so much fun at the back because nobody pays any attention to you and you can have a bit of a laugh which to me is very important.

Otherwise school would be like so much more boring if we couldn’t even have a laugh. In the lesson we just discussed all about what is involved in GCSE English and it sounds a hell of a lot but I’m sure I’ll get through it somehow. As I leave English I’m in a bit of a panic because we’ve got homework which I tried to start in class but it didn’t go too well so now I’m worried about how I’m going to do at home. I should be okay I suppose. Now it’s down the lower to SPACE with Mr Harris. It’s so boring! I can’t believe they expect us to stay awake in this lesson because it’s almost impossible.

Every now and again I fall out of the daze I’m currently in and try and focus but I just can’t because it so doesn’t interest me at all. We are making up rules for our class. I mean what’s the point it’s not like anybody will follow them. So Katy and I make up some regular rules, you know the usual ones like ‘Don’t bully others’. Saved by the bell at last! At lunch we usually sit in the sandwich hall and talk about regular teenage things. Such as: what we’re doing at the weekend. Well this weekend is going to be fun because to start with there’s no school.

Secondly I’m going shopping with three of my good friends, Joel, Anna, and Jaden. That was so much fun because Joel fancies Anna so he’s always trying to impress her and she’s just oblivious to it. It’s like so obvious; he buys her loads of stuff and just follows her round like a duckling follows its mother. She’s got to realise some time soon. I’m always telling her but she’s just like ‘yeah right!?! ‘ After shopping my whole family are going to my uncles for a curry and to watch the England and Wales games. It was so much fun apart from the fact that England won.

I wanted Macedonia to win because our player Sakiri plays for them. Wales lost to Italy, which isn’t fair because Wales have two of our players; Jason Koumas and Andy Johnson. We arrive home around midnight. I know tomorrow will be a very long day so I get in bed straight away and sleep. I wake up around 9am and get ready for an amazing day I’ve been looking forward to for ages. The V festival!!! I’m so excited, I just can’t wait to get there and meet up with Luca. On the way my Mum and I stop off at a petrol station to get some chocolate.

As we came closer to Weston Park the traffic started to get worse and my immense excitement intensified. We arrived in the car park and found we had to walk fro 15 minutes to get to the actual site. Luca agreed to show us round so on the way we met up with him at the campsites. It’s was so much better than I thought it would be. There was like a massive skate ramp with loads of professionals skateboarding on it doing wicked tricks. So for a while we stood in awe and watched them doing death defying stunts. After, we went to check out the stages and they were so cool.

The Virgin stage looked better because it’s bigger but they were basically the same. What difference does a few meters make? I had my disposable camera ready for use and so my mum took a couple of pictures of Luca and I. Luca went off to get his mum. Meanwhile Mum and I find a place at the Virgin stage to see Echo and the Bunnymen. I don’t have a clue who they are but my mum does so we watched them. After that the Reel Big Fish performed and as each performance goes on I found myself nearing the stage, getting closer and closer. We stayed there for The Cardigans. They are really good but they did too many boring songs.

I would have thought they would do the upbeat ones instead of the quiet ones. Their set is so cool. They have got like big chandlers over the stage with a massive one in the centre. At about 3 o’clock we’re really hungry so we have a curry for lunch. We met back up with Luca and his mum. His mom went back to the tent to close the window and have a sleep, so Luca resided with us and we went off to get in the crowd. We saw the end of the Hives and Ash as we were waiting for the Foo Fighters. By the time they came on we were right near the front so we basically got so crushed.

Foo’s were just amazing. They’re play list was wicked. Like a big collaboration of their all time best songs. A few I didn’t know but still you just get into them even if you don’t know a song. Dave Grohl like turned round and shook his ass to the crowd, which is great as he has a nice behind of course. He is just so fit with his longish hair and his facial hair. I love that kind of look. The scruffy look. It’s very sexy! About 5 minutes after the Foo’s finish we met up with Luca’s Mum again and have a chat. We went our separate ways again; to get my well earned drink from the Strongbow cider bar.

As you can guess I had some cider. It was so nice and took away my thirst. It was time for Feeder my favourite band. I had been looking forward to this moment for months and it was finally here. I pushed through the dense crowd, to basically the front really. After about half an hour Feeder finally came on. The crowd went wild especially me. After that cider I really got going. I was like in the middle of the mosh pit in the thick of it having a great time moshing the whole time. There play list was just so amazing. All of my favourite songs were there.

My all time favourite song that represents Feeder, called Just A Day was the last song they did. They were just so mind blowing, amazingly wicked. They’re aren’t any words to describe the feeling I have when I watch Feeder at a gig or on TV or anywhere. I just get a real buzz and if I’m at a gig I go just like mental. I love rock music so much! Today had been a dream come true and I hope to go next year for both days. After a stunning day that I will never forget I lay in the car asleep dreaming about being in the crowd again and meditating on the days events. I can honestly say I’m shattered but it was so worth it!


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