A look at Starbucks’ marketing strategy Essay

We have no patent on anything we do and anything we do can be copied by anyone else. But you can’t copy the bosom and the psyche and the scruples of the company” – Howard Schultz. CEO of Starbucks Coffee.This quotation mark from Schultz could be the “magic” that has separated Starbucks from the every other java store ; an attitude of selling which is inspired by the company’s committedness. The successful selling schemes which Starbucks employs are decidedly of involvement to anyone interested in concern selling can larn about. Serving java is a common portion of any eating house concern.

but a successful selling mix will do a common merchandise to go uncommon and alone to the consumer.A selling scheme for a company requires committedness from the company with all sections and employees working together towards the same end. This should be a doctrine which is applied to the full organisation. non merely an thought that is applied to the selling section. The two chief maps of the selling scheme are to place the mark market. and develop a successful selling mix for that mark market. Within the selling mix are four indispensable constituents: merchandise.

topographic point. publicity. and monetary value.

Starbucks Coffee Company has developed a selling mix which has proven to be exceptionally successful for over 40 old ages.Starbucks opened in 1971 by proprietors who developed a passion for dark joint java. and that was fundamentally the chief merchandise that was sold in the shops. After about a decennary of selling java beans. the proprietors allowed Howard Schultz to fall in the company as the firm’s Director of Retail Operations and Marketing.While on a trip to Italy. Schultz came across the Italian “coffee culture” which intrigued his involvement ; a cafe where people would garner. socialise and pass clip in leisure.

Schultz believed this “coffee culture” could be replicated in the United States functioning the Starbucks trade name of dark roasted java and adding espresso drinks to the bill of fare.This construct was rejected by the laminitiss of Starbucks. and finally Schultz bought the company.

and proceeded to construct it into the largest retail java store concatenation in the universe. The merchandise line of java was expanded to include espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos ; and as the company grew. the drink picks besides grew to run into the consumer’s needs.

Starbucks is known for holding shop locations everyplace in the universe ; even to the point of stores across the street from one another. Get downing in vicinities or in rural countries. and spread outing to high traffic countries such as New York City ; a Starbucks Coffee Shop may be found in or really near any metropolis in the United States.

Within the “place” of the selling mix. one considers the type of shops every bit of import as the location. The bulk of Americans have two chief “places” where clip is spent. either at work or at place. With Schultz’s vision of the java shops that inspire the clients to see Starbucks his or her “third place” . all of the stores have the trade name of easiness and comfort.

Designed to be cosy and comfy. the shop decor of every store is similar. if non indistinguishable: large easy chairs and couch. tabular arraies for clients to garner at. high top counters with plentifulness of electrical mercantile establishments for those who take advantage of the free cyberspace. and music playing which adds to the atmosphere. Some locations really have a firing hearth to warm the ambiance during the winter months.It is really rare for one to see a promotional advertizement for Starbucks Coffee in a magazine.

newspaper. hoarding. telecasting commercial. or any other typical advertisement run.

Starbucks used the selling scheme of “word-of-mouth” advertisement ; leting the high quality of merchandises and the legendary service promote the trade name. This maneuver has played a immense portion in doing Starbucks Coffee Company a success.The front line Barista ( coffee creative person ) has been trained non merely to fix forte java drinks.

but to include the art of supplying “legendary service” to the client. This scheme includes publicity of personalized service by larning customer’s names. specific drink penchants.

customer’s businesss. and frequently personal information refering the customer’s household and life events.In the beginning. the company’s mission statement was: “To set up Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest java in the universe while keeping our sturdy rules as we grow. ” Now. Starbucks has added to the mission statement: “To inspire and raising the human spirit – One individual.

One cup. and One Vicinity at a clip. ” With all employees working with the company’s mission in head. the trade name is promoted on a day-to-day footing.

In no manner. form. or signifier has Starbucks offered a competitory pricing for the merchandises sold in the shops. One may see the “experience” of the Starbucks trade name to be included in the monetary value of the merchandises. As stated above. with all front line Baristas working with the company’s mission statement as a guideline.

the consumer is buying a cup of java with the experience of individualized legendary service.While the descriptions of Starbucks Coffee Company’s marketing mix did non include the mark selling aim. Starbucks’ mark market includes anyone who is willing to pay a premium monetary value for the “Starbucks Experience.

” This determination was made with extended strategic planning. and with the cognition that utilizing a alone selling plan such as this was a immense hazard in being successful.A good sum-up about the selling success of Starbucks is this quotation mark by Howard Schultz. CEO of Starbucks:We set up the value of purchasing a merchandise at Starbucks by our sturdy quality and by constructing a personal relationship with each client.The selling mix that Starbucks Coffee Company developed is alone.

unconventional. slightly hazardous. but most significantly. highly successful for over 40 old ages.


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