A Musical Evening Essay

No. I haven’t been to a musical ( recently ) . But Friday “my” choir and I had an assignment with. good. the remainder of the population here. truly. The local choirs ( 5 ) and whoever else who wanted to come along. were gathered to sing. The choirs had 2-3 vocals each in between. but the remainder was pure singsong ( non karaoke. . ) .

Before traveling I felt as if I was a hundred old ages old. because that’s what I expected the mean age of the people go toing to be – but no such thing. True. mean age was perchance 50. but at that place was such a affable ambiance. and fun vocals to sing! It was great hearing to the other choirs and there was even nutrient and drink.

Very un-Norwegianly. people smiled and talked to complete aliens. and I doubt non that the compere was right when he said you couldn’t sing and be a picklepuss. I didn’t feel like a hundred old ages old. and I even answered when called upon by strangers…

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I’ll merely give you a couple illustrations of the singsong ( as usual. it’s sound merely – for atmosphere. the vicinities where wrapped in semi-darkness ) . It’s non peculiarly beautiful. but it’s sort of silly-funny. it’s two vocals phonetically translated to Norse – Ferje over Mjosa ( = ferry cross Mjosa. from “ferry cross the Mersey” . of class – at least it’s about a ferry drive excessively ) and Du kan godt fa sitte innte million Leif ( = feel free to travel in closer. Leif. from “got to acquire you into my life” – it’s got perfectly nil to make with the original. but it sounds like it… )

Our public presentation? It wasn’t excessively bad. really. We’d had two pattern Sessionss before this evening… The 2nd vocal ( a potpourri ) I won’t travel into. but the first one had several people coming over to us afterwards stating things like “most enchanting of the evening” . “most special” and “most true ( = in melody ) vocalizing they’d of all time heard” . I can populate with that.


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