A Musical Evening Essay

No. I haven’t been to a musical ( recently ) . But Friday “my” choir and I had an assignment with. good.

the remainder of the population here. truly. The local choirs ( 5 ) and whoever else who wanted to come along. were gathered to sing. The choirs had 2-3 vocals each in between.

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but the remainder was pure singsong ( non karaoke. . ) .

Before traveling I felt as if I was a hundred old ages old. because that’s what I expected the mean age of the people go toing to be – but no such thing. True. mean age was perchance 50.

but at that place was such a affable ambiance. and fun vocals to sing! It was great hearing to the other choirs and there was even nutrient and drink.Very un-Norwegianly. people smiled and talked to complete aliens.

and I doubt non that the compere was right when he said you couldn’t sing and be a picklepuss. I didn’t feel like a hundred old ages old. and I even answered when called upon by strangers…I’ll merely give you a couple illustrations of the singsong ( as usual.

it’s sound merely – for atmosphere. the vicinities where wrapped in semi-darkness ) . It’s non peculiarly beautiful.

but it’s sort of silly-funny. it’s two vocals phonetically translated to Norse – Ferje over Mjosa ( = ferry cross Mjosa. from “ferry cross the Mersey” .

of class – at least it’s about a ferry drive excessively ) and Du kan godt fa sitte innte million Leif ( = feel free to travel in closer. Leif. from “got to acquire you into my life” – it’s got perfectly nil to make with the original. but it sounds like it… )Our public presentation? It wasn’t excessively bad. really.

We’d had two pattern Sessionss before this evening… The 2nd vocal ( a potpourri ) I won’t travel into. but the first one had several people coming over to us afterwards stating things like “most enchanting of the evening” . “most special” and “most true ( = in melody ) vocalizing they’d of all time heard” . I can populate with that.


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