A new client has requested that your company

A new client has requested that your company, Future Design Web Solutions, design a website to promote a new band (P4).

My clients selected band is called ’79 Seconds to Liverpool’.

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The band’s name can be broken to the significance of 79 and Liverpool.
79 could be a random number or something significant to them. It could be the number of songs they aim to have altogether including remastered and radio edited copies etc or the combined dates of birthdays to form a number.
Liverpool is from England, UK therefore geographical demographics of location for the band could make it more of a hit in Britain amongst British listeners.

Future Design Web Solutions would primarily be searching for UK based music listeners to kickstart the love for 79 Seconds. Entering them into the UK and international top charts on numerous alternative music platforms including Apple Music, Vevo and Spotify etc could make them bigger to receive more viewing hits. The website itself is to promote the band.

So far we have disclosed the demographic locations. The audience type we’re searching for are typically men and women aged between 16 and 30, worldwide.

Ideally the target audiences would be worldwide but for a new band there has to be information on members and who is in the group; henceforth their Wikipedia page and own website. Although this would reach more people and increase popularity, it can be directed to appeal and circle a particular target audience.

79 Seconds aim to use as many characteristics as possible to apply to as many people as they can. For example, music videos may be creative using animation, creativity or CGI portrayed images.

Other bands employ their creative juices into forming the best music videos to appeal to a larger variety of people.

Fall out boy have a series of songs that link together in their album and music videos; Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles.

In this series there are 11 parts to follow a story developed from the individual songs forming a narrative. It isn’t often where the narratives are a carry on from previous videos and carefully formed to keep interest running.


Richard Dyers formed an idea and a theory to visually represent emotions in images. If this method were used on the clients band, ’79 Seconds to Liverpool’, it would most likely result in impacting by showing a clearer view on what the band represents, what they’re like and finding an immediate audience that like or can
relate to them. Figure 1 shows Dyer’s theory. FIGURE 1
In addition, Panic! At the Disco, in their music
video for ‘Don’t Threaten me with a Good Time’ Brendon Urie, the lead singer, is seduced by a woman taken over by a strange tentacled monster.
As strange as the idea itself seems, it is a practical metaphor for the ‘Uses and Gratification Theory.

It is a metaphor for how ‘out of place’ people can feel being in a different environment or meeting new people and the narrative itself maintains interest when viewed.

The UGT or Uses and Gratification theory is where people feel as though they cannot socialise by what is considered normal. They have their own ideals and it is an escape through music to deal with everyday problems, further targeting an audience with specific traits.

What band audiences would require and expect varies. As a band with web business site you should really meet your audience where they feel most comfortable.

You should be able to find the latest news, listen and find their music, music videos, behind the scenes etc and sign in to access functions to book tours and view dates, subscribing to newsletters and accessing information et cetera.

Other necessary features include copyright content, great header image – to entice visitors, a short bio and the music and video content.

Audiences would expect the website page to be neat and not messy or covered in too much content. When there is too much content it discourages interest because it is too much to digest at once. Interest will be lost and you can’t find anything. Everything just clutters and gathers.

Additional extras also include photos from events, an extended bio and extra information, upcoming albums and social media links. Figures 1.1 and 1.2 are examples of both websites showing their social media ranging from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play Music, Reddit and Shazam.

In addition there are alternative websites in Figures 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5. They are the external websites in Figure 2 beneath the social media icons.




Your website is the bands home!
Websites change all the time with new trends, updates and technology.
Social media alone should not be relied on too much because not all listeners will carry a lot of interest.

Every track, single or album needs to have a mention. By purchasing more music on vinyl or disk or download et cetera they will be making more residual income therefore they need to promote as much as they can so more online and physical purchases can be made.

Fans should be offered a chance to join or sign up to subscriptions and mailing lists to encourage more people to be interested. An online shop, available merchandise, online stores and downloadable music and video functions should be used to entice more visitors. Figure 1.6 shows Panic! At the Disco’s invite to sign up to their newsletter.
The websites purposes include its online stores, information, purchases to be made, promotional pictures and videos and functions to download music and music videos etc as well as providing information.


Howard would now like you to design the website. For this, you must:

Create storyboards showing the design of at least five pages and a navigation structure.

Explain what functions your website will consist of and explain how these functions will meet the needs of the target audience.

Storyboard drafting ideas and examples below.


Viewing Home page – very apparent, hard to miss

Name written large and distinct – need to know who, what, where, when, how, why

Symbol or logo next to it – identifiable

Tabs underneath / headings – know what you’re looking for

Images – see what you’re looking for

Footers – could have more information etc

Links to other pages/sublinks – easier to find things

Short bio – short and sweet, keeps information to share, interest ?

Default template
Not the best template I think – not for me

Probably run with the Snow Patrol image and one below ?

Home page as seen in Snow patrol image

Probably keep a big picture of the logo, band, icon or

About company will be about band – history will be included here

Products will in fact be music and videos for downloadable links to popular platforms including apple music etc

Order – merchandise, gifts, online store, physical store location
Order forms/shopping basket, payment information, processings and confirmation

Add a heading for TOURS to see previous and upcoming events etc
Predominantly 3 upcoming events and then click a link to access a full list – work with both upcoming and previous events taken place

Contact – website maintenance

NEWS heading also needs including – possibly adapt same method as TOURS by adding top few stories and make visitors click onto an external link within the website or outside to access more news

Possibly add a SIGN UP as a heading and maybe a pop up to subscribe to channels and MAILING LISTS

Individual bios on band members short and sweet but expand into more detailed paragraphs

Hold external links to other music pages / music channels with their work / music websites i.e. VEVO, Spotify, Deezer etc



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