A professor of sociology from the university of Melbourne

A professor of sociology from the university of Melbourne, Dan woodman did a research on Xennial. According to woodman the uniqueness center of the Xennial is technology. Xennial spent their childhood without using computer but in adulthood they use the computer and internet to adopt new technology. They have the ability to easily adapt new technologies.
Xennial are different from the generations before and after them because of the technology in which they had to adjust in early adulthood. They have a digital adulthood.
Xennial are consider a little bit optimistic and too confident. When they say something that matters to them they follow them and prove them (Kim Mackenzie). Xennial and millennial feel pride on their work and on their doings. They also feel themselves responsible for their work. They love their work and do their work sincerely (Carrie skowronski).
Xennial and millennial can recall their life and the events that happen to them very clearly without using any medium such as internet, books, dairy etc. They are the early adopters of the technology like internet and social media that we use now a day. They can retrieve everything. Their memory and retrieval process is better than other generations. Because of their memory they are considered as multi taskers. They can perform a task easily and also easily perform multi tasks at a time. They are consider exceptional.
The word narcissism comes from Greek mythology, where a young man fell in love with his own image reflecting in water (Lynne Malcolm 2014). The concept of narcissism was first introduced by Frued in his psychoanalytic theory. It is also consider as cultural and social problem. When level of narcissism increase and it become a part of person’s personality it will convert to Narcissistic Personality Disorder which is classified in DSM. According to DSM symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder are; grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, exaggerated sense of self importance and lack of empathy (Kendra Cherry 2018). Narcissistic individual face troubles in maintaining their inter personal relations. They highly avoided meaningful emotional interactions with others because they have extremely frangible sense of self worth and does not permit him or her to any menace of criticism. Narcissist are characterised by six areas of pathological functioning and this six areas are best illustrate in four narcissistic characteristics (Carson and Butcher 1992) which is follows;
1. They have a sense of inferiority, which underlies engrossment with imagination of greater achievement.
2. They are impotent to trust and rely on others and thus build countless, shallow relations to extricate tributes from others.
3. They always have a shifting morality- always prepared to transfer values to acquire favour.
4. They are not able to remain in love and have impaired capacity for a committed relations.


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