A Psychiatrist’s Notes Essay


* Cares about her husband therefore, doesn’t want anyone to hurt him and make him feel depressed and unwanted.

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* Knows the reality and the truths about Willy’s job, therefore never forces him to earn more money than he makes (actually he never makes).

* Doesn’t want her husband to commit suicide, since she also doesn’t want to make him feel angry, she lives her life day to day, living on an edge of a knife.

* Wants to make peace in the house… since Willy’s life depends on Biff and Biff’s success in business world.

* Admires her husband although Willy treats her badly.


* Thinks his father as a phony fake.

* Thinks that they both don’t belong to the business world that they are trying to fit in…

* Deeply, he admires his father… takes him as a role model believes that he can solve every problem that he has until the day he caught him with “the woman”…

* Therefore, angry with him… doesn’t satisfy the expectations and the dream of his father about the American Dream

* At last found himself and therefore has a fight with his father about the reality and tries to make him accept it

Happy: (It is hard to write and analyze… He doesn’t even know what I am talking about…)

* Doesn’t even try to fix the problem between Biff and his father

* Has the same life philosophy with his father… the American Dream…

* (I sense a jealousy towards his brother Biff) didn’t get any attention from his father during his childhood and even now… Therefore, as a result he is somewhat jealous of Biff and wants to achieve the American dream to get attention from his father…

* (It is hard to tell his feelings and thoughts about his father) sometimes he seems to be protective sometimes he doesn’t even care…


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