A small number of enactments related to aeronautics in Malaysia are the Civil Aviation Act 1969

A small number of enactments related to aeronautics in Malaysia are the Civil Aviation Act 1969 (CAA 1969), a reserve enactment made under the 2016 Civil Aviation Rules (CAR 20162), and the MACA Act 2015 MACA), effective March 1, 2016. Parties The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia Act 2017 (CAAMA) was gazetted on 27 February 2017, but this time can not be controlled during the compilation season.

With the principle of the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM), the same aeronautical area is now under the domain with MAVCOM and the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), under the supervision of the Transport Ministry (Ministry). Flight Division4 The previous Ministry is responsible for all authoritative aviation affairs in Malaysia and the DCA is built to help achieve and control the Ministry’s articles and strategies. The purpose of this Part is to build an efficient, safe and secure air transport framework for travelers and cargo, and plan and implement infrastructure efforts to meet the demand for air transport.

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With the MAVCOM base, DCA’s duties have changed to become more efficient, and the DCA is basically a specialized controller in the field of safety, wellbeing and monitoring of air and air terminals. DCA Director General (DGCA) is involved under Section 2B of CAA 1969.

When CAAMA insists, each DCA responsibility and element will be given to the new Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). Area 16 of CAAMA sets out the CAAM elements, which include the obligations and elements of the DGCA, and subsequently develop this to incorporate, inter alia, to defend the aeronautical industry together against impedans that violate the law, in collaboration with any specialist responsible for exploring flying machine defects and pure episodes, and providing specialized administration and consulting identifying with regular flights. CAAM will be launched by a Chief Executive Officer, to be named on the advice of the Minister of Transport. Furthermore, the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority will be established and will be managed and controlled by CAAM. Option to set up CAAM is in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which requires that every Chicago Convention convention’s requirement to establish and maintain an independent aviation expert to ensure aeronautical wellbeing is effectively monitored. The Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2017 has been approved to make an important review of the CAA 1969 when CAAMA in the long run comes in driving.


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