A Small Town Essay

A Small Town South Dakota, 1946. A small isolated town, known for it’s wheat crop, it’s ten acres of wheat crops. One night, the sky was pitch black and everything was so quiet you could hear the electrical noise coming from the outside cables. Houses were lightened by one light in the living room and the streets were illuminated by one street light per block. When suddenly an object flashes in the sky, it made a loud screeching noise. Families walked outside to see what was happening, and out of nowhere people would start screaming and running. People were terrified screaming, “RUN RUN. We need to leave. Everyone running in different directions, eben into the crops scared for their lives. South Dakota, 2000. “Get everything out lf the trucks,” said Lucas to his family. Inside the house, kids were running around choosing rooms, screaming in excitement. Night fell on the small town, boxes were still laying on the walls piled with soft clothes. The smell of fresh pizza and hot chocolate roamed the house. As the kids lay on their mattresses they begin to doze off. But a sudden crash is heard that awakens them. Julie and Lucas decide to check what is going on. Julie stays hugging her daughters, telling them everything would be fine.

Both of the young girls are frightened, shivering, believing a robber had entered their house. As Lucas walked through the house to where he heard the sound, he held on tighter to the baseball bat in his hands, his heart beating faster than usual, sweat drops coming from his forehead. As he enters the room he heard the crash come from, shatter glass is scattered all over the floor. He sweeps everything up and returns to bed. “Girls go take a shower,” says Julie to Molly and Stacy. The warm water starts streaming down filling the tub, and the mirror fills with steam. Julie stares outside her window across the street a lady sits on her porch.

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She notices the lady is just sitting there not doing anything. As Julie analyzes her the lady’s head turns around slowly, and they link eyes with each other. Sudden chills go through Julie’s body, images start flashing in her head -people running, screaming in terror, blood all over the floor, and flashes of light. “Mom help,” screams Stacy. Julie’s footsteps are silent as she walks to the bathroom, her face in confusion, and her arms crossed over each other. As the door knob twists and the door creak open, her eyes open with terror, as she finds blood on the floor. Stacy sits on the toilet holding her knees to her chest, staring in the tub.

Tear drops are dropping down Julie’s face, she grabs Stacy, and runs out. Her arms tightly around Stacy, footsteps louder as she looks for Lucas. As soon as she finds him, she’s breathing rapidly, crying, trying not to look back, and tries to explain what she saw. Lucas tries to calm her down and then makes his way to the bathroom. He looks in but see’s nothing, no blood. “Molly, Molly, hunny where are you? ” He looks in every room, under every bed. As he opens her bedroom door, the television was om but it was silent. A doll was sitting on young Molly’s bed, facing directly at the television. He walks toward the television and turns it off.

As his body turns around, he hears the television turn on. Startled and in confussion he turns around to turn it off, but the doll is sitting next to the television set and leaves the room. Julie is holding on tight to Stacy as Lucas walks into the room. Impatiently and terrified Julie asks, “Where’s Molly? WHERE IS SHE? Why was there blood on the floor? Where’s my baby girl? ” Lucas tries to calm her down and says, ” I don’t know where she is and there was no blood on the floor. You must have seen things sweety. ” Julie starts running around the house screaming Molly’s name, crying and terrified.

She hears a knock on the door, in hope that it’s Molly, she opens the door to find a tall, handsome, professional looking man. “Who are you,” asks Julie to the man. “I’m Juan, your real estate agent, I came to see how you like this house. ” The family stared him down, giving him a look of desperate help. As they sat on the table, they explained everything, afraid, but hoping he could explain what was going on. “In 1946, something terrorized this town and left it abandoned. There were crops and it was said that people ran in there when everything was occurring. Later on the town grew and… you’re living on the crops,” says Juan.

The family was in confusion and didn’t know how to respond. As juan gets up and pushes his chair out Julie screams out, “Wait don’t go. My daughter is gone and we need help to find her. Please help us. ” “The lady across the street can help you. She’s lived here for as long as anyone knows and she’s a master in witchcraft, she can definitely help you. ” “She knows something,” exclaims Julie. Her husband is trying to analyze the whole situation. “I just want to find my daughter so can we please just go and talk to that crazy witch. ” The front door creaks open, a small body is standing, holding on to a cane.

Julie’s eyes open widely in shock, her legs started shaking, she was trembling and her hand were sweating as she held tightly to her husband’s hand. The old woman takes a step into the house and looks around. She walks upstairs, Julie and Lucas follow her, they ask nothing or wonder what is going on, the just follow her. The lady makes her way to Molly’s room, Julie screams, “STOP! Who are you? What’s your name and what are you doing here? ” Julie trembles in fear still holding on to Lucas’ hand with a tight grip. “Your daughter was taken away and she ain’t comin back unless I save her,” exclaims the lady, “and my name is Olga.

I need cables that connect to this television and a lot of space. ” Cables were laying on the floor and after several hours Olga starting screaming, “A la oop ta outa,” in a distinctive rhythm. Lights started to flash and the restroom door opened with a crash. ” You have to go in there and look for her,” screams Olga to Julie in a demanding tone. Julie cried and kissed her husband, as she ran in the restroom the door closed behind her. Thirteen hours went by before the door crashed open again. Julie ran out holding Molly, their faces were covered in blood.


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