A Speech by a Human Resource Manager Essay


What roles the HR map has been playing in the company?The human resource direction has been playing an indispensable function in this bank. From the instance we can happen out the HRM includes many maps:( 1 ) Enrolling the right individual for the right occupation at the right station.( 2 ) By representing and implementing policies. accessing and supervising the employees’ public presentations.

( 3 ) Helping design preparation plans that support employees continuously better.( 4 ) Assisting organisational members in how to work efficaciously ( E. g. .

squad edifice ) . Aiming to increase increases the degree of public presentation. productiveness and besides improves the quality of the merchandise and service.( 5 ) Making the employees satisfied with high quality of work life. Giving them equal opportunity to recognize their possible and carry through their calling dreams.( 6 ) Supporting the organisation accomplish its strategic end.2.

How would you depict the HR direction patterns the company is implementing? Can they be transferred to the other Nepali organisations?The company is implementing the assorted HR direction patterns. It holds a hebdomadal meeting to discourse daily activities to accomplish the organisational end easy. Through the Internet entree to the HR system the company has been able to cut down its recruiting cost by more than 33 per centum. They implemented a elaborate policy on employee monitoring maintaining informed on employee activities. They besides enlightened each employee of this organisation of this policy. They besides helped plan preparation plans that support senior manager’s uninterrupted betterment plan. The director besides emphasizes on teamwork and adaptability to alter.I think some of these patterns can be transferred to the other Nepali organisations.

Because many companies merely focus on productiveness and net income. but ignore the resource of homo that created the wealth. So how to utilize this resource expeditiously is a large issue for an organisation. The patterns of this successful bank can be used for mention. However. in conformity with its ain circumstance. the policy and the patterns can be implemented decently.

3. What are the major HR challenges/issues confronting the company? Do other organisations face similar challenges? How they can be addressed?–The major challenge identified in this company is the altering environment. As said by the director that organisations have evolved enormously over the past decennary and alteration is no longer something that occurs in a controlled manner.

So the of import thing is to larn how to go more flexible in covering with the alterations that will originate and taking active functions in the direction. The frailty president programs to retrain the human resource in footings of effectual managerial accomplishments and competences such as undertaking direction and squad edifice.–Second. the sophisticated engineering that makes occupations acquiring more complex and requires important interaction is a challenge every bit good.

The director should guarantee that they have the right people for those occupations. which in most instances. will necessitate so to continuously develop and upgrade their employees’ accomplishments.–Diversity among the staffs is another challenge for them.

All employees are non alike either in skill degree or in their backgrounds. Thus the company needs to acknowledge and esteem differences in people so that it can capitalise on their strengths they bring to them.No uncertainty other organisations will besides confront the similar challenges. However. esteeming people and retraining the employees are the basic solutions to these challenges.


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