A Story About Courage Essay

Waking up in the forenoon to birds chirping and the warm summer zephyr is about impossible when you live in the bosom of New York City. well it is for me at least. My name is Sandy Collins.

I’m your typical teenage miss. I like traveling out with my friends. holding slumber parties. and traveling shopping. I moved from Texas to New York City a month and a half ago. The minute I stepped out of the auto I immediately loved the alteration. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy life in Texas.

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but now populating in New York felt like it made much more sense.As a kid I did everything with my pa. Biking.

fishing. Rollerblading. you name it. I. Sandy Collins has done it.

My pa ever said he wanted a better life for me so what he had. he certain meant it. Back when I was about 11 old ages old my parents got a divorce. great birthday nowadays. huh? At first when I’d walk into the room where my parents would be reasoning.

they’d make-believe they were merely speaking loud of some kind. But as the months went by. they didn’t even noticed when I’d enter the room.

Soon after that my ma filed for a divorce. go forthing me in the center.It was difficult to get by with it to get down with. but shortly after that I realized I had no portion in what happened. Now four old ages subsequently here I am doing the determination to travel in with my pa.

When I foremost mentioned traveling to New York to my ma. her reaction was perfectly no. After adverting it a few more times. giving her a month or two. she eventually realized that I should be able to do my ain determinations because in the terminal it’d make me happier. Now five months after.

BAM! New York City here I come. The 12 hr thrust was decidedly the worst route trip. bonding clip.

or whatever my ma would wish to name it.She came up with a clever thought to jostle me. my seven twelvemonth old brother Ricky. my stepfather Joe. and herself in our round up Toyota Tercel and take on the undertaking to drive us all the manner to New York for the last bonding clip she’ll have with me in a long clip. Not to advert we’re in the month of July.

“Sweetie would you like something to eat? ” ma said agitating my shoulder. I’d fallen asleep three hours into the thrust. We ordered from the nearest fast nutrient topographic point.

Mcdondalds. make fulling all our hungry appetencies.After approximately 10 hours I became so world-weary I started to play with the lose yarn on my shirt. I could state Ricky wasn’t holding any more fun so I was sing he was opening and shuting the screen of his Nintendo DS over and over and over once more. The traffic became agony. there’s no uncertainty that you could set your auto in park for five proceedingss and no would notice. Finally after hours of traffic we arrived at the house. Dad had merely walked out the front door wave and smile.

“Dad! ” I exclaimed while giving him a elephantine bear clinch. “Hi hunny. I’m so glad you’re here. Dad said smiling. “Nice topographic point you got here” Joe said analyzing it with his eyes.

We’ve ne’er been to dad’s topographic point before. he’d ever come to Texas to see on particular occasions and my birthday’s. “Now you be good. name whenever you have the clip and no late dark walks.

New York is really different so back place. ” Mom said. She kept traveling on until she had run out of things to state. “Okay. Okay ma. See you at thanksgiving. love you. ” I said giving her a clinch.

I realized after stating that. that made her take-in how long it’d be until we’d see each other once more.After stating adieu to everyone I knew I’d miss each and everyone back place in Texas awfully but I had a feeling this was a alteration for the better. What we had left of the twenty-four hours. pa decided it’d be a good thought to demo me around the vicinity. “Your hair is so consecutive and black now” pa said. “Yeah. I coloured it a few months ago.

I thought it was clip for some alteration. like traveling here. ” I said smiling. For the following month pa and I went angling. Rollerblading. shopping.

and all the other things we used to make when ma and he were together.I even met a new friend. Paige. She’s the neighbour’s girl ; she told me we’d be go toing the same school together up the street when school re-opens in two hebdomads.

The following twenty-four hours we arranged to travel shopping. “Hey pa. would it be all right if I go shopping with Paige today? ” I said. “Sure hunny. I have to run a few errands and make some food market shopping anyhow. so I’ll bead you two off at the promenade.

” Dad said. smiling as ever. Paige is so nice and out-going to be about. My friends in Texas were more earthy.

We would still travel topographic points and what non. but Paige’s personality shriek merriment. “We need to spice up your closet. all of your out-fits are excessively toned down for NYC. ” Paige said.

seeking on a vintage brace of black boots. After a twosome of hours of shopping. we grabbed something to eat and went place.

Home I kept believing. I like it here. being with my pa made me so much happier. Walking down the busy streets of New York with the sound of autos blaring. people shouting for taxis. traders seeking to sell you their no more than $ 5 debris.

was now what I got to name place.Curiously I loved it. When I got place I took my shopping bags to my room and headed downstairs to watch T. V while waiting on my pa to come place and do dinner. As I reached for the telecasting remote the phone rang. “Hello. may I talk to Mr.

Collins? ” “He’s non place at the minute ; would you wish me to take a message? ” “Sure. is this Ms. Collins? ” “Yes it is. ”I said.

recognizing shortly after this individual was likely mentioning to Ms. Collins as if I was my dad’s married woman. A minute before I was approximately to rectify myself. the individual started talking once more.

Oh. hello Ms. Collins. this is Tom’s physician. Dr. Lee. Unfortunately I have to interrupt the bad intelligence to you ; Tom’s malignant neoplastic disease consequences have come in positive.

He has malignant neoplastic disease in his right lung and it’s excessively late to try to bring around it. I’m highly regretful to state you this manner ; Tom’s assignment was re-scheduled in two hebdomads from now when school re-opens. he cancelled the assignment scheduled for today cognizing he’d want to pass as much clip with your girl geting from Texas before school started.When I got the consequences. cognizing Tom for so long.

I wanted him to cognize every bit shortly as possible. ” I didn’t cognize what to make. I held the phone to my ear ready to answer but my head went clean. Finally I replied and hung up the phone. Did I truly merely hear that? No. it couldn’t be. My pa couldn’t have malignant neoplastic disease.

he merely couldn’t. Who am I pull the leg ofing! ? His physician called for God interests. I merely didn’t want to believe it. Moments later my pa walked in the front door. “Hi hunny. ” He said smile.


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